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Glamping Hammock Provides Comfortable Sleep in the Great Outdoors

One factor keeping some people from exploring the great outdoors is probably the lack of comfort when it comes to sleep. Haven Tents, a Sandy-Utah company, aims to bridge that gap through its latest glamping hammock dubbed the Haven Safari.

The hammock-tent company aims to bring people to the outdoors by making sleep the highlight of their camping trip.

Derek Tillotson, the company’s founder, claims that the glamping hammock is more comfortable than sleeping on a mattress on the ground as there is nothing but air beneath it. Haven Safari is also more comfortable than traditional hammocks shaped like a banana, as it lays flat.

Measuring 30 inches wide and 80 inches long, the camping gear is “like a piece of your mattress.”

“[It’s like] you somehow took your bed camping. You left home, but you brought the best part, which is your bed,” Tillotson told Modern Campground.

Those who prefer rustic camping without really having to rough it all the way might appreciate the equipment, especially because most of them are after the one-with-nature feel.

Photo courtesy of Haven Tents

The Haven Safari is open on the sides, but a bug net keeps mosquitos at bay. This not only makes for good ventilation but also allows campers to immerse themselves in their environment as nature lulls them to sleep, making sleeping a memorable experience. 

When the rain fly is installed, the Haven Safari is reminiscent of luxury tents found in glamping sites. In a way, the equipment lets campers bring a piece of glamping with them anywhere they go.

Photo courtesy of Haven Tents

After a good night’s sleep, campers can use the large strap to transform the hammock into a hanging couch.

According to Tillotson, the glamping hammock is made of durable material and believes it can be left out for weeks at a time, noting its potential to be rented out in commercial properties while keeping in mind some maintenance needs. The hammock and the rainfly are made with 300d polyester canvas and can handle up to 350 pounds (the stress test held over 2,000 pounds!). Meanwhile, the inflatable pad in each Haven Safari is made of thick polyester and is coated in vegan suede.

Photo courtesy of Haven Tents

Furthermore, Haven Tents pushes the functionality aspect all the way with the Haven Safari. Not only does it function as a hammock or a hanging couch, it can also be pitched like a tent. Not every adventurer is keen to hammock camp every time; some prefer setting up camp on the ground. With these combined, the product marries camping, hammocking, and even glamping together.

Photo courtesy of Haven Tents

The company currently has a campaign on Kickstarter which will remain active for the next 21 days. Tillotson shared that the project had already received its $300,000 goal in less than 20 days. With just over 20 days left until the campaign ends, support is still flowing.

“I think it just shows what the future of Haven safari is—that there is a marketplace for it, that people are looking for a unique [and] comfortable sleep system, and also looks great too, functions great, [and is] super comfortable,” Toilliston expressed.

“I see it being a bridge for a lot of people who typically don’t want to deal with the hassle and don’t want to deal with sleeping on the ground or having an uncomfortable night—to get them outside, camping,” he added.

Featured image courtesy of Haven Tents.

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February 25, 2024 9:23 am

The Haven Safari glamping hammock offers comfort, versatility, and easy setup, making camping trips convenient and enjoyable.

Nolan Creek
Nolan Creek
February 25, 2024 11:47 am
Reply to  rachelray

Totally get what you mean about the Haven Safari hammock—it’s a game-changer! Have you ever tried pairing it with a cozy sleeping bag for extra warmth? Trust me, it’s like turning your camping trip into a deluxe sleepover in the great outdoors! So, let’s elevate that outdoor snooze game even more, shall we?

Amy Foster
Amy Foster
April 25, 2024 3:36 am

Isn’t it awesome how the glamping hammock comes with a detachable rainfly for extra protection? 🌧️ It’s perfect for cozy nights under the stars with its easy setup and lightweight design. Definitely a game-changer for outdoor adventures! ✨

May 11, 2024 5:59 am

The Haven Safari hammock sounds awesome for camping adventures! Setting it up is a breeze, giving you more time to cherish the outdoors. Don’t forget cozy blankets for those chilly nights!


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