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Ferron/Price and Sanpete Ranger Districts to Introduce New Scan and Pay Option for Camping Fees

The latest Manti-La Sal newsletter brought exciting news for outdoor enthusiasts, announcing that the Ferron/Price and Sanpete Ranger Districts will offer campers a convenient way to pay for overnight camping fees through a user-friendly mobile app available at no cost. 

This innovative app introduces a scan-and-pay feature, transforming the traditional camping fee payment process.

Visitors can download the recreation.gov app onto their Apple or Android devices, create an account, and scan the QR code at the campground to complete the payment process. The app serves as an alternative to conventional forms of payment, making the experience hassle-free for campers.

To ensure a smooth experience, campers are advised to download the app before visiting a forest campground. Connectivity in these areas can be limited or even unavailable, making initial installation crucial. The app remains available for future use, allowing payment for camping fees even without cell coverage. However, a small service fee applies to payments made through the app.

When using the app, campers must choose an unoccupied campsite, placing their tent and equipment on the site to claim it. During the order completion process, users must confirm that the selected site was unoccupied upon arrival.

In cases where a campsite is already occupied by another user, necessitating a refund, campers must directly consult the campground manager. The app does not manage site availability questions at individual campsites, so campers should take note of this before booking.

The introduction of this mobile app streamlines the camping experience and highlights the growing importance of technology in outdoor hospitality. As the industry evolves, innovative solutions like this app continue to enhance how campers interact with nature and enjoy outdoor adventures.

The new mobile app for remote campsite reservations marks a significant milestone in the camping industry. It combines convenience and efficiency, allowing campers to focus on what truly matters – creating unforgettable memories in the great outdoors.


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