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The Dyrt Report Reveals California Campgrounds as Second-Most Competitive in the US

California campgrounds have emerged as the second-most competitive in the US. This finding comes from the 2024 Camping Report by The Dyrt, an application for camping information, which highlights the demand for campsites in California.

The report, presented by the All-New Toyota Tacoma, indicates that campers in California are nearly 30% more likely to encounter sold-out campgrounds compared to the national average.

I just started camping again this year after a long absence. I love it, but booking a campsite can be tricky on the weekends. I wish they did lottery-style bookings. I feel like the same people who have the time get to book the same sites,” the Dyrt camper Robin W. of California said.

The Dyrt’s report focused on the West Coast’s camping scene, with emphasis on California, Washington, and Oregon. The report’s findings underscore the competitive nature of camping in these states, particularly in California, where the struggle to book a campsite is a challenge among outdoor enthusiasts.

Winter camping in California, where temperatures seldom fall below freezing, presents an alternative for those looking to avoid the peak season rush.

We went to Mount Tam on Christmas in our stealth minivan camper. There was only tent camping, and all sites were full and would accept car camping. We pulled over in a spot off the road where we could spend the night, then drove back into the park to do another hike. The nice thing about the stealth camper is it just looks like a car parked on the road,” Dyrt camper Robert N. of California said.

A demographic insight from the report reveals that California campers tend to have higher incomes compared to the national average. Specifically, 12.2% of campers in California report household incomes exceeding $250,000, compared to 5.5% of campers nationwide.

The Dyrt, a camping app in the U.S., offers over 12 million user-generated reviews, photos, and tips for various camping options, including RV sites, cabins, glamping, and tent camping. It covers all public, private, and free camping areas across the country.

With features like The Dyrt PRO, it offers reservation assistance for sold-out campgrounds, advanced maps, and camping discounts.

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