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The Dyrt: Half of Private Campgrounds Increased Campsite Availability in 2023

A significant development in the camping industry was highlighted in the 2024 Camping Report, which revealed that 50% of private camping properties added new campsites in 2023. 

This expansion is a response to the sustained demand within the sector, according to The Dyrt, the leading app for camping information, including availability, photos, and reviews. The report, sponsored by The All-New Toyota Tacoma, offers an unprecedented look into the current state of camping.

The survey, encompassing property managers from all 50 states, indicates a proactive approach to accommodating the increasing number of campers. This move comes after the 2023 report showed 58.4% of campers faced difficulties in booking sites due to full occupancy, a figure that slightly improved to 45.5% last year.

Kevin Long, CEO of The Dyrt, commented on the transformation of the camping landscape, particularly noting the surge in popularity following the pandemic. “The current state of camping in America would have been inconceivable just five years ago, back when only the most competitive of campgrounds were booked up all summer,” Long stated, emphasizing the industry’s dynamic response to growing demand.

The report further details that over a third (34.7%) of surveyed properties expanded existing camping types in 2023, with RV sites (26.2%) and glamping (22.1%) seeing the most significant growth. Additionally, 46.9% of properties introduced entirely new campsite categories, with glamping being the most popular addition at 10%.

Tim Murphy, founder of Emberglow Outdoor Resort in Mill Spring, North Carolina, shared his property’s expansion efforts, including the addition of a 30-foot yurt, a safari tent, and several RV sites last year, with plans to add more RV sites in 2024. Murphy’s strategy aims to meet camper demand for more availability and enhance the resort’s offerings with events, music, and amenities.

The report also highlights a trend toward extending the camping season, with 25.5% of properties expanding their operational calendars to include more dates, particularly in the fall and winter months, which are gaining popularity among campers.

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