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Study: RV Vacations a Cost-effective Travel Option for Families

As per the RV Industry Association’s News & Insights Report, a recent independent study has discovered that RV vacations offer considerable cost savings compared to other types of vacation travel, even after accounting for fuel prices and the cost of RV ownership. 

The study, commissioned by Go RVing and the RV Industry Association, found that a four-person travel party could save up to 60% on average, while a two-person travel party could save up to 46%, depending on factors such as the type of RV and vacation.

The study revealed that for the most common type of RV, the lightweight travel trailer, a 4-person camping vacation costs about 48% less per day than an equivalent 4-person air/hotel vacation and is about 34% less expensive than a comparable 4-person car/hotel combination vacation. 

In the case of Class B motorhomes, the fastest-growing RV segment, the average daily cost of a 4-person camping vacation was found to be about 49% less than a comparable 4-person air/hotel vacation and about 35% less expensive than a 4-person car/hotel combination vacation.

The study examined the costs of vacations for two sets of hypothetical travel groups: a four-person travel party consisting of two adults and two children and a two-person travel party of two adults. 

Researchers analyzed vacations lasting 3, 7, and 14 days, comparing the costs of various travel methods. The Class A motorhome, typically the largest and most luxurious RV, was compared to travel options such as flying first class, renting a premium car, staying in upscale hotels/resorts, and eating meals in restaurants.

The study assessed major costs vacationers incur while traveling to nine popular vacation destinations, analyzing specific routes and stops to evaluate the true comparison of vacation types. “It was important for us to look at real itineraries for travelers and quantify what real families can expect to save by choosing RVing as their preferred mode of travel,” said Go RVing Chief Marketing Officer Karen Redfern.

The study also analyzed how fluctuations in fuel prices could affect the economic advantages of RV travel. It concluded that fuel prices would have to reach nearly $21 per gallon for a Class C motorhome vacation to become more expensive than the least expensive non-RV vacation for a four-person travel party. 

The study states, “We are of the opinion that fuel costs will likely not approach the levels required to significantly impact the affordability of RV vacations versus other modes of travel in the foreseeable future.”

The RV industry has experienced significant growth over the past few years, with many new consumers looking for an affordable way to travel and spend time with family. This study not only highlights the cost savings but also serves as an essential resource for those interested in RVing as a vacation option.

In addition to the financial benefits, RV vacations offer a unique experience that combines the comfort of home with the excitement of exploration. The flexibility and control provided by RV travel allow families to avoid common travel hassles and foster a sense of togetherness, convenience, and accessibility to the great outdoors.

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John Clark
John Clark
March 23, 2024 1:03 pm

Isn’t it interesting that RV vacations can be a cost-effective and immersive travel option for families? Traveling in an RV offers both savings and the chance to bond over shared outdoor adventures.


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