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The Dyrt: Washington Campers More Likely to Include Family, Pets in Camping

The Dyrt’s 2024 Camping Report presented by the All-New Toyota Tacoma shows that Washington campers were 13% more likely to bring their kids to camp compared to the national average in 2023. Specifically, 35.4% of campers from Washington chose to bring their young ones along for their camping adventures.

“As a professional dog show handler, I live with dogs 24/7, and this extends to vacation plans. I bought a motorhome so we can always take the dogs on our adventures camping. Our next big adventure is driving from Washington to Texas to camp out and watch the April 8 solar eclipse!” The Dyrt camper, Karyn C. of Washington, said.

The report includes pets, with an 8% increase in bringing dogs camping. Although camping with cats remains less common, Washington’s camping community is 24% more inclined to include feline companions on their trips.

The Dyrt’s 2024 report also delves into camping trends across three West Coast states: Washington, Oregon, and California. The analysis reveals that campers from these states are 29% less likely to be first-time campers. The report adds that Washington campers are 27% less likely to engage in work during their camping trips compared to the national average.

West Coast camping, while popular for its stunning landscapes and outdoor activities, faces significant challenges due to natural disasters. In 2023, campers across the United States experienced a 13.1% disruption rate in their camping plans because of wildfires or other natural calamities. On the West Coast, camping disruptions reached 33.1%. Campers in Washington and Oregon reported a 42% disruption rate.

The Dyrt showcases over 12 million user-generated reviews, photos, and tips for a diverse array of camping options, including RV sites, cabins, glamping, and tent camping across all types of campgrounds in the U.S. It offers a platform for campers to discover and reserve their ideal camping experience anywhere in the country.

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