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Skilled RV Technicians in High Demand: Insights and Advice from RV Technical Institute Graduates

As the popularity of RV travel continues to surge, the call for proficient RV technicians has reached an unprecedented high. Recognizing this trend, the RV Technical Institute (RVTI) has committed to cultivating a new generation of technicians by setting a target to train at least 1,200 new recruits this year, an increase from the previous year’s goal of 1,000. 

The Institute’s top-tier training program promises to prepare individuals for a rewarding career in the RV industry, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

To provide a glimpse into the real-world experiences of RVTI graduates, here are some testimonials and words of wisdom for those considering this vocation:

Jane, a certified RV technician and entrepreneur, spoke about her motivation to train at the RVTI: “I was drawn to the online training program advertised by the RV Technical Institute. Even if I didn’t eventually work in the industry, the skills I gained would enable me to service my own RV. The certification inspired me to establish my own business. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and solving problems, so helping fellow RV enthusiasts maintain their vehicles and fulfill their travel dreams seemed like the perfect fit for me.

John, who secured a job as an RV technician after graduating, offered his advice: “If you’re contemplating becoming an RV technician, my advice is simple: Do it. Get certified. The RV Industry Association covers a substantial portion of the cost, making the program affordable, and it opens doors, as it did for me.”

“Currently, every RV dealership and most service centers in my area are seeking technicians. There’s a pressing need for skilled personnel to manage the growing volume of repairs and warranty work on RVs. I would recommend opting for the hands-on courses if possible; however, the online and hybrid programs are also effective, particularly if you have prior relevant experience or skills,” he said.

David, a retired military veteran now working as an RV inspector, shared his reasons for further education: “I have a long-standing association with camping and RVs, spanning over two decades. Post retirement from the military, I sought a career that would allow me to use my experience to assist others. Despite having undergone other training programs and running my own RV inspection business, I felt the need to enhance my education and expand the services I offer to my clients.

Advocating for increased female representation in the industry, Linda expressed her appreciation for the program: “I’m profoundly grateful for this opportunity and I want to encourage more women, particularly women of color, to venture into this largely unexplored domain. It’s essential for us to equip ourselves with knowledge and skills that enhance our self-reliance. I hope this program inspires more women to explore their potential and broaden their skillset.”

In an encouraging development, the RVTI recently conducted an all-female class for budding technicians, in association with the RV Women’s Alliance

The intensive weeklong program, offered in several locations across the US, covers seven critical aspects of RV maintenance. This initiative hopes to inspire more women to venture into this sector and earn their level one certification as an RV technician.

As the RV industry expands, businesses must prioritize the development of skilled technicians through continued training. This not only guarantees superior customer service but also contributes to the industry’s overall reputation and sustainability. 

By endorsing initiatives like the RVTI’s training programs, the industry can cultivate a robust workforce equipped to meet the evolving challenges of RV upkeep.

Businesses also have the opportunity to collaborate in various ways, such as establishing apprenticeship programs or forming partnerships with local educational institutions, to further reinforce the growth of a skilled RV technician community. 

Such endeavors promote a promising future for the RV industry, empowering technicians and ensuring unparalleled service for RV aficionados.

The RV Technical Institute plays an instrumental role in catering to the escalating demand for skilled RV technicians. The testimonies and advice from program graduates underscore the benefits of obtaining certification and the importance of hands-on experience. 

With industry-wide support and continuous investment in training and workforce development, the outlook for the RV maintenance and repair sector appears promising.

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Kenneth Jackson
Kenneth Jackson
March 18, 2024 8:35 am

Ever wonder about the diverse paths RV Tech Institute grads take? From starting businesses to inspection gigs, the hands-on training leads to rewarding career options as RV technicians! Cool, right?


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