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RV Industry Association Opposes New Emission Standards Proposed by EPA, Citing Industry Impact

As per its News & Insights report, the RV Industry Association has voiced strong opposition to the newly proposed emission standards by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Under the Clean Air Act authority, the EPA recently proposed rigorous standards aiming to curb emissions for light-duty and medium-duty vehicles for the model years 2027 through 2032. 

However, the Association has pleaded for an exemption, fearing that these regulations will profoundly affect the motorhome sector and render these recreational vehicles impractical and less affordable.

As the voice of the industry, the RV Industry Association represents manufacturers and component suppliers.

Changes in emission standards significantly impact not only the association’s members but also the wider community of motorhome enthusiasts and outdoor adventure seekers.

The EPA’s proposal encompasses a wide range of changes, from implementing stricter emission standards for greenhouse gases and pollutants, introducing revisions to the greenhouse gas program, to controlling refueling emissions in incomplete medium-duty vehicles.

The proposition also includes enhanced battery durability and warranty requirements for plug-in vehicles, along with minor updates to aftermarket fuel conversions, importing vehicles and engines, evaporative emission test procedures, and fuel test specifications.

While these proposed regulations aim to lessen the environmental impact of vehicles and contribute to the global fight against climate change, the RV Industry Association argues they pose a threat to the motorhome industry.

The Association points out that the EPA’s Phase 3 greenhouse gas rule already acknowledged the unique challenges faced by the motorhome sector, recognizing that these vehicles are not well-suited for electrification. 

They fear the new rules will not only limit the usage and affordability of motorhomes but could potentially disrupt the industry, affecting manufacturers, dealers, employees, and their families.

Another issue raised by the Association relates to the design and functionality of motorhomes. They argue that the large batteries required to power electric vehicles would take up valuable space typically utilized for housing various elements of a motorhome. 

Furthermore, the added weight of the batteries could significantly limit the ability of the motorhome to be equipped with components that make these vehicles the epitome of mobile comfort.


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