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RMS North America Partners with Wild Energy, MarineSync, and UtilIoT for Efficient Outdoor Hospitality Operations

RMS North America, a leading provider of cloud-based reservation management systems for the outdoor hospitality industry, announced today its smart meter partnerships with Wild Energy, MarineSync, and its sister brand, UtilIoT. 

As per a release, these collaborations aim to streamline processes and create greater efficiencies for RV park, campground, and marina customers. Additionally, Wild Energy, UtilIoT, and MarineSync will gain access to hundreds of RMS outdoor properties and marinas.

“Partnerships are essential for us in providing scalable, thoughtful business solutions for the outdoor hospitality space,” stated Fred Dominioni, chief revenue officer at RMS North America. 

As the busy season for camping and boating approaches, these partnerships address key pain points. For RV parks and campgrounds, the power consumption varies significantly by camper and equipment – making it difficult to monitor and regulate. With this new partnership with Wild Energy and UtilIoT, RMS North America will equip properties to handle a surge in camping activity energy-efficiently. These campgrounds and parks will have access to smart, real-time electric meters that eliminate reading errors, reduce labor expenses, and lower energy consumption.

Mike Sorensen, president of Wild Energy, said, “Wild Energy’s unique solutions will solve major utility sub-metering pain points for RMS customers, and we’re eager to equip them with industry-leading real-time meter readings. Using the Wild Energy and RMS integration, property owners and operators can bill utilities for any length of stay, and heavy energy users will pay their fair share for additional energy usage.”

Efficient utility monitoring and usage are also crucial for marinas. As the industry standard for marina meters, MarineSync will arm RMS North America and its properties with the tools to read and control water and electricity utilities remotely. Marinas will have access to ground fault detection, simplified electricity monitoring and billing, RUM power, water control, and a cloud-based infrastructure that houses all meter readings and reporting.

For RV park owners and operators, the enhancements provided by these partnerships can improve both cost savings and customer satisfaction. By implementing efficient utility monitoring and billing systems, RV park owners can better manage their resources while ensuring guests are fairly billed for their energy usage. This can lead to more sustainable operations and a better overall guest experience.

Moreover, these strategic partnerships highlight the growing importance of technology integration within the outdoor hospitality industry. As RV park owners and operators increasingly seek to optimize their businesses, the need for streamlined, scalable, and comprehensive technology solutions becomes paramount. By partnering with Wild Energy, MarineSync, and UtilIoT, RMS North America demonstrates its commitment to providing its customers with the tools necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

More than a reservation management system, RMS North America is a cloud-based hub for all the technology outdoor properties need to optimize business operations.

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April 26, 2024 4:07 am

Isn’t it exciting to see how RMS North America and its partners are shaking up the outdoor hospitality scene? These collaborations with Wild Energy, MarineSync, and UtilIoT are like a breath of fresh air, promising a future where tech and efficiency work hand in hand. It’s a game-changer for RV parks, campgrounds, and marinas, don’t you think?


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