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General RV Center Bolsters Market Presence with Strategic Acquisition of Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine

In a significant expansion of its market presence, General RV Center has announced the acquisition of Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine, a move that solidifies its position in the Pennsylvania region. 

This strategic acquisition marks General RV’s second operation in the state, complementing its Elizabethtown Supercenter near Harrisburg. The integration of Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine into General RV’s portfolio is poised to enhance the purchasing and ownership experience for RV enthusiasts across the Northeast.

Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine, a respected name in the RV dealership industry, was founded in 1967 by Earl Stoltzfus. Located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, the dealership has been a notable business in the area, particularly recognized for its employee-owned structure since 2007. 

This unique aspect of Stoltzfus’s business model has been a defining characteristic, fostering a strong sense of community and shared purpose among its staff, according to a press release.

General RV President Loren Baidas has articulated the company’s dedication to strategic growth, emphasizing the importance of aligning with dealerships that mirror General RV’s operational values.

This location and the current team there align with our goal to not only grow in key markets but continue to be the leader in the RV industry on all levels – customers, employees, and community,” said Baidas. 

This acquisition is a testament to General RV’s commitment to maintaining a family-owned business ethos while expanding its reach.

The transition from Stoltzfus’s Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) to General RV ownership marks a significant change in the dealership’s structure. The ESOP, which made employees part-owners of the company, was dissolved as part of the acquisition, with employees receiving compensation for their shares. 

This move reflects a shift in the company’s ownership model while ensuring that employees are recognized for their contributions to the company’s success.

Bob Cox, the longstanding President and General Manager of Stoltzfus, who has dedicated 51 years to the company, will continue his journey in the industry as General RV’s operations manager. 

His retention underscores General RV’s focus on continuity and the value placed on the experience and knowledge of Stoltzfus’s team. “There are plenty of reasons why we are excited to join the General RV family,” Cox remarked, highlighting the shared values and strong industry reputation as key factors in the transition.

The facilities at Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine are set to enhance General RV’s service offerings, with 16 acres of new and used RVs, a well-equipped parts department, a dedicated pre-delivery inspection facility, and a showroom featuring 21 service bays and two wash bays. 

These resources are indicative of the scale at which General RV will be able to operate, providing comprehensive services to RV owners and buyers.

General RV’s expansion efforts are not limited to Pennsylvania. Earlier this year, the company broke ground on a dealership in South Weber, Utah, and announced its first-ever Supercenter in Salisbury, North Carolina

These new locations, expected to open in late 2024, reflect General RV’s ambitious growth strategy and its commitment to serving a growing customer base across the United States.

The acquisition of Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine is more than a business transaction; it is a step towards greater economic vitality in the local community. The retention of existing employees and the potential for new job creation contribute to the economic health of West Chester and the surrounding areas. 

General RV’s investment in the region is a positive sign for the local economy, promising stability and growth in the years to come.

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February 14, 2024 4:23 am

I’m thrilled about General RV Center’s acquisition of Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine, expanding their presence in the Northeast and offering more to RV enthusiasts. It’s a calculated move that shows their dedication to enhancing the customer experience and solidifying their position in the RV industry.

February 23, 2024 10:42 am

It’s undeniably an unexpected move by General RV Center to acquire Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine, expanding its presence in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The acquisition signifies a new phase of growth and innovation as General RV introduces enhanced services and products. This strategic move demonstrates General RV’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

February 23, 2024 11:12 pm

Guess what? General RV’s acquisition of Stoltzfus RV’s & Marine expands the market reach and emphasizes employee recognition. This unites two industry leaders with a deep commitment to family-owned values and exceptional customer service, creating a captivating new chapter.

April 13, 2024 9:39 am

Isn’t it intriguing how General RV Center’s snagged Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine? This bold move not only recognizes hardworking employees but also sets the stage for growth. It’s awesome to see a company putting values first and aiming for the top spot in the industry!


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