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30-Acre ‘Royalty Camping’ Planned for Area Near Old Youngstown Road

Boosting the outdoor hospitality industry in Pennsylvania, Metrovitalization, a company led by Ricky Trinidad, is embarking on a development project that promises to transform Lawrence County. The project, known as Royalty Camping, is set to be a modern campground that aims to attract tourists from across the country.

The planned development, situated on a 30-acre area just off Old Youngstown Road, is designed to include “luxury cabins” with modern amenities and utilities. The campground will also provide spaces for RVs, vans, teardrop campers, and tents. 

In addition, visitors will have access to a range of recreational facilities such as volleyball, basketball, and pickleball courts, picnic tables, gazebos, a playground, bathhouses, a reception and recreation facility, and a lazy river pool.

Trinidad is confident that the modern features and amenities of Royalty Camping will draw people from all over the country, thereby enhancing tourism in the county. The project has secured funding from banks and private donors and was initially planned to be located near The Kingdom Place, another Metrovitalization development. However, the location was later switched to Union.

Despite its potential benefits, the Royalty Camping project has faced opposition from township residents, primarily due to concerns about potential traffic and noise pollution. 

In response to these concerns, Trinidad has made several adjustments to the project. The location was changed from a residential to a commercial zone, and a separate entry/exit path is being developed to prevent traffic from passing through private yards. Additionally, the campground will use smokeless fire pits to mitigate smoke pollution.

Despite these challenges, Trinidad remains steadfast in his commitment to revitalizing Lawrence County. He believes that Royalty Camping will not only provide a unique and modern camping experience for visitors but will also attract more people to the area, thereby boosting the local economy. Doing so may also contribute to the growth of the outdoor hospitality industry in Pennsylvania.

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February 21, 2024 9:54 am

This development project sounds truly heartwarming! The Royalty Camping site will be a great addition to the area, offering compassionate cabins, RV spaces, and various recreational facilities. I’m particularly moved by their focus on sustainability through eco-friendly practices like solar power and waste management. It’s heartening to see a project that not only provides a modern camping experience but also prioritizes environmental preservation. What are your thoughts on this?


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