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Outdoorsy Launches $30 Million Oasis Fund, Capitalizing on the Booming Glamping Industry

Outdoorsy, an outdoor travel marketplace, has recently announced the introduction of the Oasis Fund. This initiative, backed by a whopping $30 million, is dedicated to supporting the purchase of luxury safari-inspired glamping tents. The primary target for this initiative is budding entrepreneurs eager to tap into the burgeoning glamping market.

In a press release, CEO Jeff Cavins of Outdoorsy highlighted the sustained high demand and impressive profit margins of the glamping industry, emphasizing that these trends show no signs of waning. 

With the Oasis Fund, Outdoorsy aims to simplify the tent purchasing process, collaborating with global leaders in canvas safari tent design. 

These tents have graced some of the world’s top glamping resorts and campgrounds, including Outdoorsy’s very own destination in Bayfield, Colorado.

The Oasis Fund is structured to offer financial support for safari glamping tent purchases, with a total of $30 million earmarked for this purpose. 

Whether it’s an individual seeking a private retreat or a campground owner aiming to elevate their guest experience, the Oasis Fund is poised to support them. The application process has been streamlined, with Outdoorsy’s concierge team ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for potential hosts.

A report from KOA in 2023 highlighted the growing interest in unique outdoor experiences. The global glamping market is projected to reach a valuation of $6 billion by 2030. 

Furthermore, interest in glamping surged between 2021 and 2022, with a significant number of households expressing a preference for glamping over traditional camping accommodations.

In 2022 alone, approximately 10.5 million U.S. households opted for glamping. These guests typically booked stays ranging from 3 to 5 nights, often at rates higher than conventional hotels. Jeff Cavins, Outdoorsy’s co-founder and CEO, noted the persistent high demand and profitability of the glamping sector, suggesting that now is an opportune moment to invest in this market.

Outdoorsy’s glamping tents promise a luxurious experience, complete with modern furnishings, air conditioning, heating, a king bed, kitchenette, and a lavish bathroom. 

These tents are designed for mobility, with a towable chassis, and can easily connect to standard 50-amp RV hook-ups. Outdoorsy also offers guidance and construction services to facilitate easy installation.

Jeff Cavins expressed the company’s goal with the Oasis Fund: to ignite the glamping adventure and empower both individuals and aspiring short-term rental managers to take charge of their entrepreneurial dreams. 

With in-house financing and the extensive reach of the Outdoorsy platform, glamping entrepreneurs are well-equipped to establish and promote their ventures in a market that continues to thrive.

For existing glampsite operators, this could mean heightened competition. As the fund lowers barriers to entry, more entrepreneurs might be enticed to venture into the glamping market. 

However, it also signifies a potential for market expansion and growth, as indicated by KOA’s 2023 report, which was highlighted on Grandview Research. The global glamping market is projected to be worth a staggering $6 billion by 2030.

Outdoorsy has been a game-changer in the outdoor access landscape since its RV rental marketplace debut in 2015. With its commitment to fostering memorable outdoor travel experiences, Outdoorsy continues to innovate, as evidenced by its recent ventures like Outdoorsy Stays and the establishment of destination networks such as Outdoorsy Yosemite and Outdoorsy Bayfield.

Following the announcement of the Oasis Fund, Modern Campground had the opportunity to e-interview Jeff Cavins, the co-founder and CEO of Outdoorsy. Jeff elaborated on the vision behind the Oasis Fund, stating, “Outdoorsy’s mission has always been to make the outdoors more accessible to all.”

He also mentioned the addition of Stays to their marketplace, saying, “It’s why we named the company ‘Outdoorsy’ instead of making it super specific to RVs.” Jeff highlighted their investments in owning and operating campground destinations and emphasized, “Glamping is another sector of travel that has seen massive growth in recent years.”

He further added, “The Oasis Fund is a sign not only of our confidence in the glamping category, but our desire to share in that growth with partners — as we did with our RV rental hosts.”

When asked about the criteria for the Oasis Fund, Jeff mentioned, “There are practical considerations to keep in mind: mainly, will the glamping tent product work with the customer’s location for initial installation (size of space, existing utilities, infrastructure, etc)?”

He also highlighted the standard credit rating assessment for those seeking financing and mentioned that Outdoorsy’s concierge sales team would offer other business advisory services.

Acknowledging the challenges entrepreneurs face when entering the glamping market, Jeff emphasized, “Outdoorsy is able to vouch for the design and manufacturing quality of the tents and, most importantly, provide streamlined access to inventory when normally an independent operator might face a 6+ month wait time for the glamping tent delivery.”

He also mentioned the high level of guest demand and satisfaction they’ve witnessed, stating, “We are already witnessing a high level of guest demand AND satisfaction in the glamping tent product at our Outdoorsy Bayfield campground property.”

Concluding his insights, Jeff shared, “At our core, Outdoorsy is an outdoor travel marketplace.” He elaborated on the company’s expansion, saying, “Our guests want to spend more time outdoors and Outdoorsy will be relentless in providing them new and exciting ways to do this.”

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February 12, 2024 9:29 pm

Looks like Outdoorsy’s Oasis Fund does more than support tent purchases! It’s all about creating a captivating community of hosts.

March 22, 2024 7:29 am
Reply to  LuckyNinja853

I believe in you! Remember, every great adventure starts with a single step. Take that leap of faith and watch your dreams unfold. So, go out there and embrace the journey *🌟*. You’ve got this!


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