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Outdoor Recreation Roundtable Announces Chris Perkins’ Promotion as New Vice President of Programs

The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR), a premier coalition championing the vast $862 billion outdoor recreation economy, has recently heralded the promotion of Chris Perkins to the position of vice president of programs. 

This notable advancement is a testament to Perkins’ unparalleled contributions to ORR’s overarching mission, its strategic goals, and his exemplary dedication to bolstering the organization’s initiatives in rural development, state-level outdoor recreation economy, and workforce programs over the preceding year.

ORR stands as a beacon for outdoor recreation associations, consistently advocating for the growth and vitality of the outdoor recreation sector. The promotion of Chris Perkins not only underscores ORR’s commitment to excellence but also shines a spotlight on the pivotal programs he is set to oversee, including those focusing on workforce enhancement, rural development, and state recreation investments.

Jessica (Wahl) Turner, president of ORR, expressed her enthusiasm regarding Perkins’ promotion, stating, “We are excited to see Chris Perkins shine in this elevated role.” She further emphasized Chris’s unwavering dedication, expertise, and his vision for the future of outdoor recreation, which seamlessly aligns with ORR’s trajectory as a pivotal organization serving the colossal recreation economy.

Perkins’ passion and expertise in building robust programs have been the cornerstone of his success at ORR. His instrumental role in launching ORR’s Workforce Hub, his pivotal contributions to the widely acclaimed Rural Economic Development Toolkit, and his central involvement in supporting the Confluence of States and the inception of new State Offices of Outdoor Recreation, especially the recent one in Pennsylvania, are testaments to his dedication and prowess.

The promotion also signifies ORR’s unwavering commitment to promoting diverse forms of outdoor recreation for all Americans. This dedication is paralleled by its focus on fostering a workplace environment that values outdoor experiences, insights, diversity, and flexibility.

Reflecting on his journey and the road ahead, Perkins remarked, “I feel truly fortunate to have contributed to many of ORR’s programmatic successes over the past few years, and look forward to the next chapter of work in this new role.” He further emphasized the pivotal moment the outdoor recreation economy is experiencing, highlighting its profound impact on communities, environments, and economies across the United States.

As the vice president of programs, Chris’s responsibilities will be multifaceted. They will encompass strategic program planning and development, meticulous management of state recreation, outdoor workforce initiatives, rural development, and fostering deeper industry engagement and membership support.

The broader context of ORR’s role in the outdoor recreation economy cannot be understated. With initiatives like the America’s Outdoor Recreation Act (AORA), which aims to streamline permitting processes, enhance recreational access, and invest in rural communities, ORR is poised to make significant strides in the industry.

AORA, being a bipartisan and comprehensive piece of legislation, promises to revolutionize how Americans access their great outdoors without imposing additional burdens on taxpayers. Its provisions, such as ensuring access to green spaces in underserved communities and the development of long-range trails, resonate with ORR’s mission and goals.

Perkins’ qualifications in program management, coupled with his strategic insights, position him perfectly for this role. His leadership is anticipated to drive ORR’s programs to unprecedented heights, ensuring the continued growth and success of outdoor recreation across the nation.

The promotion of Chris Perkins to vice president of programs at ORR is not just a personal achievement but a significant milestone for the organization and the outdoor recreation industry at large. 

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March 17, 2024 7:50 pm

Super excited to announce Chris Perkins’ promotion to VP of Programs at ORR. Get ready for amazing innovations in outdoor recreation, boosting workforce development and rural prosperity for all!


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