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Historic Passage of America’s Outdoor Recreation Act Boosts Outdoor Industry, Unleashes Economic Potential

In a groundbreaking move for the outdoor recreation industry, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has recently passed America’s Outdoor Recreation Act (AORA), marking a significant milestone that promises to unleash the industry’s economic potential and provide immense value to outdoor enthusiasts across the nation.

In a LinkedIn post, the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR), a prominent advocate for the industry, expressed its elation over the progression of AORA through Congress. 

Highlighting the bipartisan support behind the bill, Jessica Wahl Turner, President of ORR, underscored its transformative impact on the outdoor recreation economy, transcending political divides and benefiting all Americans who cherish the great outdoors.

“We are so thrilled AORA continues to move forward in Congress, showcasing how the outdoor recreation economy transcends politics and benefits all Americans who enjoy the outdoors,” said Jessica Wahl Turner.

At the heart of this legislation lies the recognition of the outdoor recreation industry’s economic might, as it contributes a staggering $862 billion to the national economy, constituting nearly 2% of the GDP and generating an impressive 4.5 million jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. These figures underscore the pivotal role played by the industry, driving growth in both rural and urban communities throughout the country.

The passage of AORA will pave the way for a more sustainable and robust outdoor recreation industry, supporting the individuals and businesses that form its foundation and expanding access to nature’s wonders for all Americans. 

This landmark legislation aims to remove outdated regulations and roadblocks within the outfitter-guide permitting system, streamlining and simplifying the process. Consequently, more Americans will have the opportunity to experience the joy of activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing in forests and parks across the nation.

Numerous organizations and associations within the outdoor industry have applauded the America’s Outdoor Recreation Act for its forward-thinking provisions. 

“America’s Outdoor Recreation Act is crucial to the RV industry and the wider outdoor recreation industry. It remains a significant factor in making sustainable improvements to our nation’s campgrounds and improving the experiences of current and future RVers,” said Craig Kirby, President & CEO of the RV Industry Association.

As the outdoor recreation industry continues to thrive and attract record numbers of Americans seeking the solace and rejuvenation of nature, America’s Outdoor Recreation Act stands as a testament to the industry’s resilience and the commitment of lawmakers to support its growth. The legislation comes at a time when outdoor recreation has gained even greater significance as individuals seek refuge in the outdoors and recognize its profound impact on their overall well-being.

With its comprehensive provisions, America’s Outdoor Recreation Act is poised to bring about tangible improvements in the outdoor recreation landscape. By streamlining the permitting process and providing outfitters and public land agencies with new tools and resources, the act will facilitate increased access to public lands and enhance the overall recreation experience. This, in turn, will enable outdoor businesses, both established and emerging, to thrive and cater to a broader range of outdoor enthusiasts.

The bill’s focus on rural economic development and gateway communities holds immense promise. Recognizing that the outdoor recreation industry is a powerful economic driver, America’s Outdoor Recreation Act aims to foster sustainable growth in regions that heavily rely on outdoor tourism and recreation.

By investing in infrastructure, expanding access, and promoting job creation, the act will inject vitality into local economies and ensure the long-term viability of these communities.


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