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Oregon State Parks Embrace Sustainable Tourism with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In a significant step towards eco-friendly transportation, private and state partners have successfully installed electric vehicle charging stations in Oregon state parks. This collaborative effort highlights the ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation in Oregon.

The completion of the electric vehicle charging stations project comes as a result of a joint effort between private and public stakeholders. It demonstrates the strong partnerships that have been established to ensure the growth of sustainable infrastructure within the state parks.

“We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of Rivian, Adopt A Charger and Entec Polymers. These public-private partnerships allow for innovative projects that help improve state park infrastructure and achieve a shared vision for a cleaner, greener future,” said Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Director Lisa Sumption.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD), electric vehicle maker Rivian, nonprofit Adopt A Charger (AAC), and manufacturer Entec Polymers have unveiled four Rivian Waypoints Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers at Silver Falls State Park.

Seventeen other EV chargers have been installed among Banks-Vernonia State Trail, L. L. Stub Stewart State Park, Cape Lookout State Park, William M. Tugman State Park, Prineville Reservoir State Park, and The Cove Palisades State Park.

“We’re proud to support the Oregon State Park mission to provide safe and equitable access to state parks with these electric vehicle chargers,” said Trent Warnke, senior director of Energy and Charging Solutions at Rivian.

“Our Rivian Waypoints chargers are compatible with any EV and through our energy matching program, can provide zero-emission energy to any EV driver who might need it—peace of mind in terms of getting where you need to go whether that’s home or onto another one of Oregon’s beautiful state parks.”

Kitty Adams Hoksbergen, executive director of Adopt a Charger added, “the installation of EV charging stations at Oregon State Parks supports OPRD’s environmental stewardship by enabling zero emission travel to these popular destinations.

She also said: “It complements The Oregon Electric Byways and the West Coast Electric Highway, which provide the framework for EV tourism, by closing the gaps in the infrastructure. I am forever grateful to OPRD, Rivian, and Entec for recognizing the need to provide car charging at these parks to help give visitors the confidence to purchase a plug-in vehicle.”

“Entec Polymers is excited to partner with OPRD, Rivian, and Adopt a Charger to improve access to EV charging stations, and to offer visitors a sustainable transportation choice,” said Steve Tomaszewski, senior vice president and general manager of Entec Polymers.

“We continue to work with our customers and partners to provide both innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, and to help make e-mobility safe and reliable.”

Oregon State Parks have always been at the forefront of environmental initiatives, and this latest project reaffirms their dedication to reducing the carbon footprint of outdoor enthusiasts. By providing electric vehicle charging stations, visitors can now enjoy the parks while making responsible choices for the environment.

The outdoor recreation industry has seen a significant increase in electric vehicle usage in recent years, as more people choose eco-friendly options for their travel needs. The installation of electric vehicle chargers in Oregon’s state parks is a timely response to this growing demand, catering to the needs of environmentally conscious visitors.

Outdoor recreational activities have become increasingly popular due to their numerous health benefits and opportunities for social interaction. The completion of the electric vehicle charging stations project not only contributes to the preservation of Oregon’s natural beauty but also encourages a more sustainable approach to outdoor recreation.

The incorporation of electric vehicle chargers in Oregon State Parks has the potential to boost the local economy by attracting more tourists to the area. This increased tourism will benefit local businesses and contribute to the overall growth of the outdoor recreation industry within the region.

The development of sustainable infrastructure, such as electric vehicle chargers, is essential to maintaining the integrity of natural habitats in state parks. The preservation of these areas enables future generations to enjoy outdoor recreational activities in pristine environments.

The successful completion of this project sets a positive example for other states to follow, showcasing the benefits of collaboration between private and public sectors. It also serves as a testament to the effectiveness of sustainable initiatives in enhancing the overall experience of outdoor recreation for visitors.

As electric vehicle adoption continues to grow, the integration of charging infrastructure in recreational areas will become increasingly important, ensuring that the outdoor recreation industry remains at the forefront of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Additional information about the OPRD program, including charging station locations and charging etiquette, is available here.


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