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Dillon Smith Joins Remote Vans as Lead Design Engineer

Class B RV Manufacturer Remote Vans has recently made a significant addition to their team by appointing Dillon Smith as their lead design engineer. This strategic move, announced on January 9, 2024, in Cincinnati, USA, is a testament to the company’s commitment to advancing technologies and premium builds in the RV sector. 

Smith, with his extensive experience and innovative techniques, is expected to play a pivotal role in steering the design team towards new heights of creativity and functionality.

Daryn Hillhouse, COO of Remote Vans, expressed great enthusiasm about having Dillon on board. His valuable insights, coupled with his design and leadership experience, are anticipated to elevate the company’s builds and drive product design to unprecedented levels. 

Smith’s appointment comes at a crucial time for Remote Vans, as the company seeks to further cement its position in the market through innovative and technologically advanced RV designs.

Dillon Smith, new lead design engineer. Photo courtesy of Remote Vans.

Dillon Smith’s professional journey is marked by over a decade of experience in mechanical engineering, with a significant focus on product and assembly design in the automotive and aerospace industries, according to a news release from Remote Vans.

His expertise in these fields is a perfect match for Remote Vans’ vision of combining advanced technology with superior build quality. Smith’s history of successful product design is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the RV industry, potentially leading to groundbreaking advancements in RV engineering and design.

Remote Vans, established in 2021, has quickly made a name for itself in the RV industry. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company is known for its advanced technologies, superior build quality, and innovative design. 

The company’s product lineup is impressive, featuring the Friday Series, Oasis Series, and Aegis Series. Each series is designed with specific features to cater to different needs and preferences. The Friday Series, for instance, includes a fully-loaded

Remote Vans’ approach to RV manufacturing is characterized by an obsessive attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Their vans are constructed using the highest-quality components, ensuring superior power, comfort, and connectivity. 

This commitment to excellence is not just in the products they build but also in the customer service they provide. With a 2-Year / 20,000-mile Remote Vans Limited Warranty, one of the most comprehensive in the industry, the company demonstrates its dedication to customer satisfaction and trust.

The appointment of Dillon Smith as Lead Design Engineer is expected to significantly enhance Remote Vans’ product offerings. His expertise in mechanical engineering and product design, particularly from his experience in the automotive and aerospace industries, is likely to introduce new levels of innovation and functionality in Remote Vans’ products.

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May 16, 2024 1:54 am

Dillon Smith’s new gig at Remote Vans is super exciting! The team can’t wait to team up with his expertise. He’s set to take us to new heights in RV design!


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