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Northgate Resorts Expands Services with Third-Party Management for Campgrounds

Northgate Resorts has announced the launch of its third-party management services, targeting campground owners across North America. 

This expansion marks a new chapter for the company, known for its robust presence in the campground and outdoor hospitality sector.

Northgate Resorts, a leader in the outdoor hospitality space, has built a reputation for managing some of the highest revenue-generating resorts in the United States. Their expertise in achieving industry-leading visitor satisfaction scores and implementing innovative amenities has set them apart in the industry.

Tessa McCrackin, the chief marketing officer of Northgate Resorts, emphasized the company’s experience and success in the field. 

After over a decade of campground management, Northgate Resorts has developed the team, programming, and resources to support other campgrounds,” McCrackin said. She highlighted the profitability and guest satisfaction ratings of their resorts, underscoring their operational excellence.

The company currently operates 28 campground and camp resort properties across 16 states. This geographical spread demonstrates Northgate’s capability to support operators nationwide. 

The new management offerings are comprehensive, encompassing operations, brand and marketing, human resources support, capital improvement planning, accounting, financial reporting, labor management solutions, revenue management strategies, and legal and licensing support.

The introduction of these services comes at a crucial time. According to the 2023 Outdoor Hospitality Industry Benchmarking Report, only a fraction of parks and campgrounds, about 22%, are part of larger corporations. This statistic reveals a gap in the market, where many mid-sized campground owners and operators lack access to the resources and support that larger corporations enjoy.

Northgate Resorts’ third-party management program is designed to bridge this gap. It offers mid-sized operators the opportunity to leverage corporate-level management resources while maintaining control over their parks. This approach could be a game-changer for many in the industry, providing them with tools and expertise that were previously out of reach.

The move by Northgate Resorts is set to have a significant impact on the outdoor hospitality industry. By offering third-party management services, Northgate is not only expanding its business model but also providing a much-needed service to campground owners who are looking to improve their operations and profitability.

Northgate Resorts’ introduction of third-party management services represents a pivotal development in the outdoor hospitality industry. It reflects the company’s commitment to supporting campground owners and operators, and its dedication to enhancing the overall quality and profitability of the sector. As the industry continues to evolve, such innovative approaches will be crucial in ensuring its growth and sustainability.

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Charles Evans
Charles Evans
February 23, 2024 12:07 pm

I just stumbled upon Northgate Resorts’ third-party services for campgrounds. It appears to be quite an interesting development for owners in need of support.


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