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Designing Dreams: The Glamping Retro Story

Nestled on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, and adjacent to the lush expanse of the Pisgah National Forest, Glamping Retro offers a luxurious camping and events venue that seamlessly blends luxury with nature. 

With the Appalachian trail merely a mile away and various cities within a convenient distance, the site has carved out a niche in providing a unique experience that marries the rustic charm of camping with the luxury and conveniences of modern accommodation. 

Each accommodation at Glamping Retro offers a unique experience, ensuring that guests can choose a stay that aligns with their preferences and needs. From the luxurious treehouse experience to primitive camping, the options cater to a wide range of glamping desires, all while nestled in the serene embrace of nature.

First is the Trent Loft, offering a unique treehouse experience and accommodating up to 2 guests. It features a queen-size bed, ensuring personalized comfort. The loft is equipped with an ensuite bathroom, a kitchen, and a cozy living room that includes a TV. Guests can enjoy meals at the dinette and have the luxury of a private fire pit, perfect for those tranquil nights under the stars.

Accommodating 5-6 guests with a queen bed and three twin beds, the Carlton Lodge is a spacious option for larger groups or families. It features an ensuite bathroom, a pass-through bar, and both indoor and outdoor dining areas. The living room, equipped with a TV, and pet-friendly policy make it a versatile choice for various guest needs.

The Wesley, sleeping 4 guests with a queen bed and two twins, offers a compact yet cozy stay. It features an ensuite bathroom and a kitchenette for convenient meal preparations. Guests can enjoy meals and relaxation in both indoor and outdoor dining areas, ensuring a comfortable stay amidst nature.

Also accommodating 4 guests with a queen bed and two twins, The Woody offers similar amenities to The Wesley, including an ensuite bathroom and a kitchenette. It stands out with its pet-friendly policy, ensuring that guests can enjoy their glamping experience without leaving their furry friends behind.

Next is The Jammer, designed for 2 guests with a queen bed, which offers a quaint escape with an ensuite bath (vanity & toilet only) and a kitchenette. While it provides indoor dining, it also ensures access to a luxury bathhouse and is pet-friendly, ensuring a comfortable stay for all.

Offering a primitive camping experience, The Sorrell sleeps 2 guests in twin beds. While it doesn’t offer electricity or water, it provides access to a luxury bathhouse and outdoor seating. It’s also pet-friendly, ensuring that the rustic camping experience can be enjoyed with a canine companion.

Photo by Glamping Retro

The common areas of Glamping Retro are not only designed for leisure but are also aptly suited for hosting events, notably weddings. The blend of natural tranquility and well-thought-out facilities make it a picturesque venue for making lifelong memories.

Meanwhile, Glamping Retro ensures that guests can delve straight into enjoying their outdoor experience by providing all basic amenities. From towels and linens to basic cookware, a grill, and complimentary WiFi, every need is anticipated and catered for. 

In the tranquil embrace of the Pisgah National Forest, Glamping Retro has woven a tapestry where the rustic allure of nature and the luxury of modern comforts blend, crafting an unparalleled glamping and event-hosting experience. 

As we traverse through its journey, from its inception to its present-day manifestation, the narrative of Glamping Retro unfolds not just as a business but as a dream meticulously designed and brought to life, where guests can truly experience “Solitude without Sacrifice.”

The Glamping Retro offers not just another destination, but uniquely combines dreams, nature, and luxury to craft a timeless getaway experience.


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