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Newbook Unveils Enterprise Central Reservation System to Streamline Booking Process

Newbook, a provider of enterprise-grade solutions for the hospitality sector, introduced its latest offering, the Enterprise Central Reservation System. 

Designed for multi-property operators, this system allows users to access availability, pricing, and facilities for each property from a single screen. Guests can now complete their bookings with a single checkout, reducing call times and missed calls, and enhancing the guest experience.

Newbook CEO Shaun Cornelius highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation. “The launch of our Enterprise Central Reservation System is a testament to that. We are excited to provide our Enterprise partners and future partners with a solution that streamlines their booking process and enhances the guest experience,” Cornelius said.

According to a press release, the introduction of the Enterprise Central Reservation System follows a series of recent updates and a brand refresh by Newbook. The company has improved the user experience, interface, and system performance.

Amy Gibbons, head of product at Newbook, noted that journey mapping is an emerging trend in the hospitality industry. She explained that this trend enables businesses to advertise journeys between their properties and allows their teams to place bookings efficiently in one transaction.

Another aspect of the new offering is accessibility. While Newbook offers a variety of tools that cater to younger generations such as Gen Z and Millennials, older generations still prefer booking accommodations over the phone. Newbook’s tools have streamlined this process, making placing bookings easier for older guests.

Efficient phone bookings are essential for capturing the growing market of older generations. However, handling multiple accommodation options can lead to longer call times and missed opportunities. The Enterprise Central Reservation System (CRS) technology addresses these challenges by offering an enhanced user interface. It also enables teams to provide additional options, such as activities and upgrades, enhancing the guest experience and increasing average upsells by an estimated 10%.

“We are confident that our Enterprise Central Reservation System will transform businesses in the hospitality industry,” Cornelius said. The company has made the Enterprise Central Reservation System available to all its enterprise clients.

Newbook is a property management and online booking system for accommodation providers. Founded in 2010, the company has grown over the past 11 years into a global market leader with three international offices and over 50,000 users.

For more information about Newbook, visit newbook.cloud.

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