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Original Woodstock Venue Unveils Upscale Campground

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the iconic site of the 1969 Woodstock festival, has launched an upscale campground, a Sullivan County Democrat report highlighted. 

This innovative venture introduces a blend of camping and glamping facilities, catering to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts and luxury travelers. 

The introduction of this campground comes at a time when camping and glamping have seen a significant rise in popularity, accounting for approximately 32 percent of all leisure trips in 2022. 

Bethel Woods’ unique approach combines the allure of outdoor living with the rich musical heritage of the site, offering guests an unparalleled experience of nature intertwined with live performances and cultural events.

Eric Frances, CEO of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its potential to offer guests a unique combination of history, music, and natural beauty. 

“Given the unique legacy of the property, and the expansive 1,800 acres surrounding the Center’s historic footprint, we’re thrilled to be one of the first venues in the country to offer an outdoor getaway that blends our rich history and picturesque scenery with live music—further elevating the experience here,” Frances said. 

The campground is designed to appeal to both traditional camping aficionados and those seeking a more luxurious outdoor experience, with a range of activities planned to enrich the stay of every visitor.

The campground is set to open during the 2024 concert season, with reservations available as an add-on to any concert or event ticket. This integration allows guests to seamlessly combine their cultural and outdoor adventures, enhancing the overall appeal of attending events at Bethel Woods.

Accommodation options at the campground are diverse, ensuring there is something to suit every preference. In Venue Glamping provides luxury tents equipped with modern amenities such as full bathrooms, wifi, and electricity, located within a short walk from the amphitheater and the Museum at Bethel Woods. Guests choosing this option will enjoy stunning views of the campus and the historic Woodstock festival site, along with complimentary museum access during their stay.

For those seeking a more basic glamping experience, furnished bell tents are available, offering comfortable bedding and electrical power strips for charging devices. These tents provide a more traditional camping feel while still offering conveniences like nearby restrooms and shower facilities.

Tent Only Camping and RV & Car Camping options cater to guests who prefer to bring their own accommodations. These sites offer spacious grass areas for tents and designated spots for RVs and cars, with access to essential facilities such as portable toilets, hand washing stations, and showers. Shuttle services are available for RV and car campers, ensuring easy access to the pavilion and museum.

By leveraging its historical significance and natural beauty, Bethel Woods is pioneering a model that could inspire similar ventures across the industry, potentially driving growth and innovation in outdoor hospitality.

The upscale campground at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts not only enriches the visitor experience but also contributes to the evolution of the campground industry. As operators look for ways to differentiate their offerings and attract a wider audience, the integration of unique cultural and historical elements with outdoor accommodations may become a key trend.

Featured image from Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

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Linda Harris
Linda Harris
February 22, 2024 12:38 pm

Can you imagine the posh campground at Woodstock will offer glamping, RV sites, and special events? It sounds like an astonishing experience!

March 18, 2024 2:58 am

Fellow outdoor enthusiast and music lover! Have you heard the buzz about the new upscale campground and immersive experiences at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts? It’s a dream come true!

April 2, 2024 9:56 am

Imagine this – an upscale campground at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts blending Woodstock vibes with modern luxury. Eric Frances is onto something big here, changing the game for camping enthusiasts. Picture immersing in music, nature, and history all in one spot. It’s like stepping into a time capsule of good vibes!


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