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Campground Moratorium in New York’s Oneonta Still Undecided

In Oneonta, New York, officials have yet to decide on the proposed moratorium on new campgrounds, according to a news report from The Daily Star. The Town Board is expected to decide on the future of campgrounds in residential-agricultural districts.

Oneonta offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and biking, making it a sought-after location for those looking to connect with nature. The city and its surrounding areas are home to several campgrounds and RV parks that cater to a range of preferences, from rustic tent sites to full-service RV spots with amenities such as electric hookups, water, and waste disposal services. 

The proposal, brought forth by resident David Koehn, aims to halt the development of a new campground on a neighboring farm. The town’s Legislative Review Committee, tasked with examining and recommending changes to the town’s laws, convened on Monday, February 5, to deliberate on Koehn’s request.

The meeting focused on the implications of the proposed moratorium. Despite the significance of the discussion for the community, public comments were not permitted during the session. Meanwhile, Riddell Kent highlighted the moratorium’s potential to provide the town with the necessary time to thoroughly review its zoning code and regulations, particularly concerning short-term rentals, in addition to campground regulations.

In addition to the campground debate, the board also reviewed proposed amendments to a law aimed at regulating overnight camping in public spaces. The proposed Campsite, Recreational Vehicle, and Tent Law would specifically prohibit the establishment of temporary campsites in public areas, with exceptions for mobile home parks and campgrounds.

A public hearing on the proposed law is scheduled for the upcoming February 14 Town Board meeting.

Oneonta’s campgrounds are known for their scenic locations, offering visitors stunning views of the Catskill Mountains and access to local state parks and forests. Gilbert Lake State Park, just a short drive from Oneonta, is a popular destination with its sandy beach, hiking trails, and picnic areas.

The campground and RV parks help in exploring the natural beauty of the region and contribute to the local economy by attracting tourists from across the state and beyond.

In 2022, Maine’s Tremont local board denied a request to extend a similar moratorium on campground and RV park development. The denial of the extension suggests a readiness to move forward with new projects under revised guidelines, signaling a potential boost for the local tourism and outdoor recreation industry.

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March 16, 2024 9:33 pm

Did you catch wind of the Campout for Campgrounds event happening in Oneonta? It’s a cool initiative where locals are coming together to shine a light on the importance of preserving residential-agricultural areas. They’ve got activities like stargazing and storytelling lined up to make it informative and fun. It’s a great way to get involved in the conversation about campground regulations and zoning codes!


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