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Tremont Board Denies Campground Moratorium Extension Request

A request from last week to prolong a moratorium that stops the development of campgrounds in Tremont (Maine) was rejected by the Select Board just days before the moratorium’s January 29 deadline.

According to a report, the extension would have been able to put a pause on campground applications for another six months while the Planning Board worked with the community to create temporary campground guidelines for the town’s land-use ordinance (LUO), said Concerned Tremont Residents (CTR), a group that backed the extension.

The group also proposed a wider variety of terms for campgrounds, which encompasses various categories, like ones for small and large campgrounds. They also suggested a maximum number of campsites and possibly increasing the square footage requirement per campsite, as well as certain rules for RVs.

The draft idea was submitted to the planning board, but there was no action taken at the meeting time.

The Planning Board has made steps towards reworking campground guidelines. Alongside reviewing the definition of campgrounds currently in the LUO, the board is working on defining recreational lodge facilities.

“We had to deal with other business during this period. We have made no motions. Nothing has been approved,” said Planning Board Chair Mark Good.

“Our town should have the Planning Board making the decisions and coming up with new ideas,” said former Select Board member Mike Mansolilli. “The CTR should influence that, but the CTR is not a part of the planning process, and they’re trying to make this as if they are.”

All Select Board members agreed that the town didn’t require a moratorium extension to modify an ordinance.

Meanwhile, Select Board Chair Jamie Thurlow said that the board does not mind holding additional sessions to discuss LUO changes that will be put to voters’ attention before the spring election.

“I encourage the CTR to bring up any thoughts and ideas to the Planning Board. I’m sure they would love to hear any thoughts and ideas that could help expedite things,” Thurlow said.

Although the date for a public hearing is not yet set, it is expected that the next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for February 8.


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