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Abandoned Condominium Project to be Transformed into Luxury RV Park in Sodus Point

After over a decade of inactivity, the abandoned condominium project in the Village of Sodus Point, New York, is finally experiencing a resurgence. 

According to a local news report, the new owner, Bruce Carey, has decided to turn the tides on the neglected property by demolishing the existing structures and constructing a luxury RV park in their place.

The forthcoming resort, boasting 48 fully-equipped sites, is designed to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to visitors. 

Each site will include full hookups and parking for guests’ convenience. The impressive list of onsite amenities includes a swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna, which cater to relaxation and leisure.

Beyond these facilities, the resort promises to keep visitors entertained with an array of options. 

A bathhouse, outdoor gaming courts, laundry facilities, and a spacious clubhouse with meeting rooms ensure a comfortable and engaging stay. 

Guests can expect a well-rounded experience that caters to both their relaxation and entertainment needs.

In an interview by the local news, Carey said that preserving the nearly 180-degree view of Sodus Bay was his primary motivation for the project. 

He envisions the new resort as a source of pride for both his family and the local community, and as a catalyst for revitalizing the area’s tourism industry.

Although no official opening date has been announced, Carey is dedicated to ensuring the project’s success by taking his time. 

He maintains that the costs will be commensurate with the resort’s offerings and encourages interested parties to visit the website for project updates.

The development of this luxury RV park has implications for private campground owners and operators in the surrounding area. 

With a new high-end option entering the market, nearby campgrounds may need to reevaluate their offerings and marketing strategies to stay competitive. 

This new resort has the potential to draw a different demographic of visitors, which could increase overall tourism revenue in the region.

As the luxury RV park progresses, the local community and existing campground owners will be closely watching its development. 

The transformation of the once-abandoned condominium project into a high-end resort has the potential to benefit the entire area, and its long-term impact on the local tourism industry will be determined by its ability to deliver on its promises.

In conclusion, the revitalization of the neglected condominium project in Sodus Point marks an exciting turning point for the local community and the tourism industry. 

By successfully transforming the area into a luxury RV park with top-notch amenities, Bruce Carey aims to create a new source of pride and economic growth for the region.

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May 17, 2024 1:08 am

Transforming that old place into a high-end RV park sounds awesome! I think incorporating eco-friendly practices and cool outdoor activities would make it even more appealing. Imagine exploring nature with guided walks or bird-watching tours. It could attract a whole new crowd of adventure-loving travelers.


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