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New Study Shows 75% of Large Group Campers Believe Camping Brings Them Closer to Family

Campgrounds across the country have long been a favorite getaway for families looking to spend quality time together. Now, a new research report titled “Creating Memories Together: How Campgrounds Can Thrive by Welcoming Large Groups” spotlights an exciting finding: 75% of large group campers report that their camping experiences significantly enhance their family relationships.

Scott Bahr, President of Cairn Consulting Group, highlights the importance of these findings: “Our research underlines how camping offers unique opportunities for families to bond in ways that few other activities can. Campgrounds catering to large groups not only boost their business but also play a crucial role in fostering stronger family ties.”

The comprehensive report dives deep into the benefits of accommodating large groups, showcasing how campgrounds see increased revenue through higher occupancy rates and longer stays. It stresses the importance of offering facilities tailored to different age groups to create lasting memories, which fosters customer loyalty. By providing activities for all ages, campgrounds can ensure an enjoyable experience that keeps families coming back.

Brian Searl, Founder and CEO of Modern Campground, notes, “This research offers actionable strategies for campground operators. We see a clear advantage in creating family-friendly environments that cater to large groups. The result is a win-win—enhanced guest experiences mean higher satisfaction and loyalty.”

The report also examines the practical benefits of group camping, such as cost-sharing and the convenience of shared workloads during trips, while acknowledging challenges such as the need for group booking accommodations close together. The study suggests that campgrounds should focus on personalized services to effectively meet these challenges.

To develop loyal followings among group campers, campgrounds need to maintain consistent quality and service, foster a supportive community feel, and leverage positive word-of-mouth. By offering cost-effective group options and ensuring a welcoming atmosphere, campgrounds can significantly enhance the overall guest experience, ensuring repeat visits and customer loyalty.

To download the free report, visit: https://moderncampground.com/mc-hospitality-highlights-july-2024/

Have questions or need more information? Reach out to Brian Searl at 216-232-3105 or via email at [email protected], and he can help.

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MC Hospitality Highlights is a monthly report series launched in January 2024 by Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group. Each edition delves into a critical topic impacting the outdoor hospitality industry, providing data-driven insights and practical guidance for campground operators. The series aims to empower the industry with actionable information to enhance guest experiences, drive revenue, and foster innovation.

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