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New Study Reveals Sustainable Practices Can Influence Booking Decisions for 52% of Campground Guests

New report from Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group explores sustainability trends and impacts in the outdoor hospitality industry

A new study released by Modern Campground, in partnership with Cairn Consulting Group, reveals that 52% of potential campground guests are influenced by a property’s use of sustainable practices when making their booking decisions. 

The report, titled “The Green Blueprint: Stewardship & Sustainability in Outdoor Hospitality” provides an in-depth look at current sustainability trends in the industry and examines the benefits and challenges for campground owners in implementing eco-friendly initiatives.

Our research shows sustainability is increasingly important to today’s campers,” said Scott Bahr, president of Cairn Consulting Group. “While traditional factors like location and amenities still reign supreme, a majority of guests now also consider a campground’s environmental commitment. This presents a tremendous opportunity for owners to attract these consumers, lower costs through sustainable efficiencies, and make a positive impact on the planet.”

The report combines quantitative research, one-on-one interviews, case studies, data analysis, and expert insights to give a comprehensive view of sustainability in the outdoor hospitality space. Key topics include the most common sustainable practices, easiest initiatives to implement, impacts on guest experience, operational challenges and benefits, and strategies to engage guests.

We’re excited to partner with Cairn on this important study that demonstrates the value of going green,” said Brian Searl, founder and CEO of Modern Campground

“For owners, this data provides a compelling business case for sustainability,” Searl continued. “The fact that 52% of potential guests prioritize sustainability in their decision-making process is a powerful reminder of our responsibility as industry leaders. It challenges us to innovate and implement practices that not only respect the environment but also enhance the guest experience.”

Building upon a legacy of insightful analysis, this report follows the January revelation of key factors influencing guest satisfaction and emerging trends in outdoor hospitality, and the February insights that highlighted the significant value special events add to campgrounds, as verified by 80% of campground owners. March further expanded our understanding by uncovering the potential for campgrounds to fill business gaps in small communities, presenting unique opportunities for growth. Together, these reports provide a comprehensive view of the evolving outdoor hospitality landscape, driven by data, innovation, and a deep commitment to enhancing the guest experience in harmony with sustainable practices.

To download the full April 2024 report, visit https://moderncampground.com/mc-hospitality-highlights-april-2024/.

About MC Hospitality Highlights

MC Hospitality Highlights is a monthly report series launched in January 2024 by Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group. Each edition delves into a critical topic impacting the outdoor hospitality industry, providing data-driven insights and practical guidance for campground operators. The series aims to empower the industry with actionable information to enhance guest experiences, drive revenue, and foster innovation.

About Modern Campground

Established in 2021, Modern Campground is a dedicated news source for the outdoor hospitality industry, catering to RV park owners, campground operators, and glamping businesses. The company provides original articles, newsletters, an extensive business directory, events calendar, and other resources to keep industry professionals informed on the latest trends and stories. Visit moderncampground.com for more information.

About Cairn Consulting Group

Cairn Consulting Group is a market research and consulting firm specializing in the outdoor hospitality industry. Founded in 2002, Cairn provides comprehensive insights and guidance to help campground owners improve their business operations, marketing strategies, technology solutions and more. To learn more, visit cairnconsultinggroup.com.

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April 15, 2024 2:48 pm

Isn’t it interesting to see how sustainable practices can really make a difference for campground guests? It’s cool how this study shows that being eco-friendly can boost a campground’s reputation and keep guests coming back. What do you think about these innovative ideas for engaging visitors in conservation efforts?

April 15, 2024 10:38 pm
Reply to  KyleDusk

It’s awesome to witness the positive influence of sustainable actions on guests. Can you share more about the small changes making a big impact?

Brooke Valley
Brooke Valley
April 15, 2024 8:12 pm

So, did you know that campgrounds going green isn’t just a fad, but a cool chance for owners to catch the eye of eco-minded travelers like us? It’s awesome how sustainability ticks all the boxes: it’s good for guests, cuts costs, amps up the experience, and helps Mother Nature.

April 16, 2024 4:48 am

Did you know that some campgrounds are getting super creative with sustainability? They’re setting up solar charging spots for our gadgets and composting stations for organic waste. It’s cool how they’re also offering eco-friendly activities to show us the ropes on conservation while we camp. Neat, right?

April 16, 2024 6:22 am

Isn’t it cool how many campers care about sustainability nowadays? The study shows integrating eco-friendly practices not only attracts green-loving guests but also helps cut costs and benefit the environment. It’s like a win-win! Sharing these eco-initiatives with visitors can make campgrounds a greener and more appealing spot.

April 16, 2024 8:35 am

This revelation about sustainable camping practices influencing booking decisions for over half the guests is eye-opening, right? The study offers insights into how being eco-friendly can benefit campgrounds, from enhancing guest experiences to ensuring long-term success. It’s inspiring to see the industry moving in this positive direction.


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