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RV Technical Institute Elevates RV Industry Standards with Level 3 Curriculum Highlight at the 2023 RV Dealers Association Conference

In a pivotal move to enhance the RV industry’s technical expertise, the RV Technical Institute (RVTI) is set to mark its presence at the upcoming 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo, unfolding from November 6-10 in the vibrant locale of Paris, Las Vegas. 

The annual convention, renowned for being a nexus for dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, and RV industry business partners, is poised to be a premier dealer education and networking event, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and collaborative opportunities. 

The RVTI, with its robust technician training program, has been recognized as the RV industry’s gold standard, reflecting its commitment to elevating technical proficiency within the sector, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association.

The RVTI has meticulously crafted its technician training program, leveraging decades of industry experience and forging partnerships with top RV manufacturers and supplier leaders. 

This collaborative approach has culminated in the development of one of the most contemporary and influential RV technician training programs ever constructed, ensuring that it remains abreast of the evolving demands and technological advancements within the RV industry. 

The institute’s endeavors to foster a high standard of technical expertise are pivotal in maintaining the industry’s momentum and ensuring the delivery of top-tier services to RV enthusiasts.

The Institute is not merely an attendee but an active participant, with plans to establish a booth at the Convention. This space will serve as a hub for dialogues with Authorized Learning Partners and potential dealer locations, facilitating discussions and explorations of collaborative prospects. 

Furthermore, the Institute staff will spearhead an in-depth Vendor Training+ session for dealers, focusing on their new Level 3 curriculum, a program that promises to be a cornerstone in the technical training offered by the institute. 

The session, aptly titled “RV Technician- How to Get Training, Level 3 and Master Technicians, and RVTI’s Training Conference,” is slated for Tuesday, November 7, from 10:45 AM-11:45 AM.

Guiding this pivotal training session will be the Institute’s Vice President of Education and Operations Sharonne Lee, and Director of Recruitment Tracy Anglemeyer. 

The session is structured to provide a comprehensive overview of various facets, including the pathway for RV technicians to become Level 3 certified specialists, information about approved suppliers, and the process through which technicians can upload their certificates to the Institute’s website

This session is not merely informational but is designed to be a roadmap for technicians, guiding them through the certification process and ensuring clarity on the procedural aspects.

In addition to the detailed insights provided during the training session, the Institute will also shed light on the inaugural Authorized Learning Partner Conference, scheduled for the first week of December. 

This event is meticulously designed to enable technicians to obtain all 24 hours required to become a Level 3 appliance specialist within a compact three-day schedule. 

This initiative is a testament to the Institute’s commitment to facilitating continuous skill enhancement for technicians, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the evolving technical landscape of the RV industry.

Starting in 2024, the Institute plans to lead up to five Level 3 training sessions each year, reflecting its sustained commitment to fostering a high standard of technical expertise within the RV industry. 

The RVTI’s endeavors to continuously elevate the standards of technical training, ensuring alignment with industry advancements, and facilitating the ongoing development of technicians, underscore its pivotal role in propelling the RV industry forward. 

With its robust training programs and active participation in premier events like the RV Dealers Convention/Expo, the Institute is not merely a participant in the industry’s journey but a driving force, steering it towards a future of technical excellence and enhanced service quality.


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