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More Than Half of Campers Leave Campgrounds for Meals, Highlights New Report

Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group are proud to announce the latest MC Hospitality Highlights research report, “Cooking Under the Stars: Enhancing Campground Stays with Memorable Food Experiences.”

This report emphasizes the significant role of food and meal preparation in creating unforgettable camping experiences. The findings highlight how diverse and memorable dining options can set a campground apart, catering to all types of campers—from hardcore outdoor chefs to those who prefer simple meal preparations.

The report shows that more than half of all campers leave the campground for meals, with nearly nine out of ten doing so at least occasionally. Despite this trend, a significant number of campers still prefer to dine on-site, either preparing their own meals or using campground facilities.

Scott Bahr, president of Cairn Consulting Group, remarks, “The data points to a remarkable opportunity for campground owners to enhance guest satisfaction and differentiate their facilities by focusing on food experiences. Understanding and catering to the dining preferences of campers can turn food into a powerful tool for creating memorable experiences and driving business growth.”

To help campground owners capitalize on this opportunity, the report outlines several key strategies for improving dining experiences. Personalized dining experiences align dining facilities with guests’ preferences, ensuring a heightened level of satisfaction. Enhanced amenities, such as varied dining options from campfire cooking areas to communal kitchens, cater to diverse culinary preferences. Additionally, camp stores offering cooking supplies, rental equipment, and pre-packaged meals present monetizable opportunities.

Communal dining spaces can also foster a sense of community, leading to enhanced social interactions and memorable shared experiences.

Furthermore, ensuring clean cooking and dining facilities and providing safe food preparation guidelines are crucial to preventing foodborne illnesses.

Robust dining amenities can also attract guests year-round, including during the off-season, and offering on-site dining options can keep guests at the campground, presenting additional service touchpoints for operators.

Brian Searl, founder and CEO of Modern Campground, adds, “This report is a valuable resource for campground owners looking to provide top-notch dining experiences for their guests. By offering versatile cooking facilities and fostering a sense of community, campgrounds can enhance guest satisfaction and increase their appeal.”

The June MC Hospitality Highlights report also suggests practical strategies for improving the camping dining experience. These include providing meal planning guides, organizing cooking classes or workshops, setting up communal kitchens, rental services for cooking equipment, and operating camp stores that stock basic groceries, pre-packaged meals, and local produce. Offering meal kits and collaborating with local food vendors for a variety of options can further enhance the dining experience.

For more detailed insights and actionable recommendations, download the full report here. This comprehensive guide provides valuable information on how to improve your campground’s dining experience and retain guests more effectively.

About MC Hospitality Highlights

The MC Hospitality Highlights is a monthly report series offering data-driven insights and practical guidance on critical topics impacting the outdoor hospitality industry, launched in January 2024 by Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group.

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