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Winnebago Industries Named Among America’s Most Responsible Companies by Newsweek for Second Year

Winnebago Industries, Inc. has been named one of America’s Most Responsible Companies 2024 by Newsweek for the second year running. This accolade, in partnership with Statista Inc., highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

“Our dedication to helping people ‘Be Great, Outdoors’ runs through our company and is integral to how we bring our culture to life and create extraordinary experiences for our customers every day,” said Michael Happe, president and CEO of Winnebago Industries. 

“Winnebago Industries is honored to again be recognized with this celebrated award by Newsweek and Statista Inc. Our corporate responsibility efforts are a critical part of our sustainable business growth and long-term profitability.”

The selection process for Newsweek’s prestigious list involves a comprehensive analysis of over 2,000 public companies, evaluated across 30 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the realms of ESG, according to a press release.

This is further supported by a survey of more than 17,000 U.S. residents, assessing companies’ CSR performance. Winnebago’s inclusion in the top 600 most responsible companies underscores its significant strides in corporate responsibility.

Winnebago Industries, known for its high-quality motorhomes, travel trailers, and commercial community outreach vehicles, has made notable progress in various sustainability initiatives. 

These include advancing towards the company’s waste reduction goal, achieving a 62 percent diversion from landfills across the enterprise, and initiating a strategic partnership with The Nature Conservancy to promote conservation.

“Winnebago Industries is committed to giving back and supporting the communities where we live, work, and play,” said Stacy Bogart, Winnebago Industries’ general counsel and corporate responsibility lead. 

“We are passionate about protecting and preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy and want the outdoors to continue being a place to find health, happiness, and connection.”

In governance and social responsibility, Winnebago recently issued its 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report. It that the company has increased board gender and racial diversity, with 30% of its board members being women and 20% directors of color in 2023. 

This reflects the company’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity at the highest levels of its corporate structure.

Winnebago Industries’ recognition by Newsweek for the second consecutive year highlights its achievements and sets a standard for others in the industry to follow. For more information on Winnebago Industries and their commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, visit their official website.

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February 20, 2024 5:53 pm

That’s remarkable that Winnebago Industries, Inc. has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate governance. It’s wonderful to see their dedication to environmental and social initiatives. I also appreciate their involvement in community engagement and philanthropy. It’s admirable how they’re integrating innovative sustainability practices into their manufacturing processes. This recognition truly reflects their exceptional efforts and values.

March 20, 2024 5:38 am

Did you catch Winnebago Industries’ cool sustainability efforts in their RV designs? They’re all about using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient tech to lessen their environmental impact. Plus, teaming up with different groups for community projects shows they’re serious about giving back. Pretty neat, right? What do you think about their approach to corporate responsibility?

April 15, 2024 11:28 pm

Did you know Winnebago Industries is all about responsibility? They’re even making eco-friendly RVs! Their support for environmental causes and communities is top-notch. It’s great to see companies making a difference!

Heath Cliff
Heath Cliff
April 25, 2024 10:57 pm

You know, Winnebago Industries’ commitment to sustainability is inspiring! They value their employees and promote diversity, creating a positive work environment. Their eco-friendly approach sets a high standard for responsible business practices.


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