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Oak Haven Resort and Campground Under New Owners

Oak Haven Resort and Campground has recently welcomed new owners Sarah and Matt Albers.

Oak Haven, nestled amidst the scenic offerings of Bemidji (Minnesota), is known for its modern cabins that come with amenities such as air conditioning, Dish TV, and more. 

Beyond indoor comforts, guests can avail pontoon boat rentals, and enjoy an indoor heated pool and sauna. The campground also prides itself on environmental responsibility, featuring amenities like quality tankless water heaters and a dual soft water system.

Oak Haven is a 14-site campground offering a location that serves as a gateway to several attractions. 

Itasca State Park, close by, offers activities like fishing and birding, and is home to the starting point of the Mississippi River. 

The historical Chippewa National Forest, rich in natural beauty, is another significant draw. Those looking for entertainment have the Cedar Lakes Casino within reach, while history enthusiasts can visit Bemidji’s statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.

For private campground operators, Oak Haven’s seamless integration of nature with contemporary amenities offers a model of sustainable and eco-friendly camping that caters to modern tourists’ desires.

As the Albers step into their roles, Oak Haven Resort and Campground is poised for a future that melds nature, comfort, and sustainable practices, reflecting the evolving needs of today’s campers.

Spanning a generous expanse on Roosevelt Road, Oak Haven is renowned for its elegant cabins, furnished with all modern amenities ranging from air conditioning to Dish TV. A standout among them is Cabin #11, which boasts extensive features such as dedicated internet access, spacious living and dining areas, and a dishwasher.

Beyond the cozy confines of its cabins, Oak Haven offers guests an array of recreational facilities. 

Fishing aficionados can indulge in pontoon boat rentals, while those seeking relaxation can find solace in the resort’s indoor heated pool and sauna. 

As a nod to the significance of preserving nature, the resort takes immense pride in its cleanliness and the use of eco-friendly amenities such as quality tankless water heaters and a dual soft water system.

The transition in leadership at Oak Haven Resort and Campground provides valuable insights for other private campground owners looking to enhance their offerings and customer experience.

As Sarah and Matt Albers take the reins, their approach to balancing contemporary comforts with the beauty of nature can be a benchmark for others in the industry.

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March 16, 2024 12:23 am

Just wanted to share a little something about Oak Haven Resort and Campground. The Albers family recently took over, and they are all about boosting your experience with nature, comfort, and eco-friendly practices. Get ready for some fantastic upgrades, top-notch services, and a promise to make your stay in Bemidji, Minnesota unforgettable. It’s all about creating those special memories surrounded by nature’s beauty!


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