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Minnesota DNR Offers Free Entrance to State Parks on September 9

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources made an announcement for nature enthusiasts. 

All 75 state parks and recreation areas will waive their vehicle permit fees on Saturday, September 9. This initiative, known as Free Park Day, is one of the four days annually when the Minnesota DNR offers such a waiver.

The other Free Park Days are an open invitation for residents and visitors alike to explore new terrains or revisit cherished spots during different seasons. 

Ann Pierce, the director of the Minnesota DNR Parks and Trails Division, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming season and encouraged Minnesotans to make the most of this opportunity.

While the entrance fees are waived, it’s essential to note that other amenity or user fees for activities like camping, rentals, or special tours still apply. 

This distinction ensures that while the parks are accessible to everyone, the quality of amenities and services remains uncompromised. The overarching goal of these Free Park Days is to encourage families to bond over nature walks, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

Research has consistently shown the myriad benefits of spending time outdoors. From boosting creativity and brain function to enhancing physical stamina, nature has a way of rejuvenating the mind and body. And with most residents living within 30 miles of a state park, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of this offer.

For those planning to visit on September 9, the DNR has some advice. Given the popularity of these free days, parks can get busy.

Hence, visitors are encouraged to explore lesser-known destinations, potentially discovering a new favorite spot. It’s also crucial to arrive prepared.

Checking for any visitor alerts, downloading maps, and planning the day’s activities in advance can make the experience smoother.

Recreating responsibly is another aspect the DNR emphasizes. By staying on designated trails, cleaning up after oneself, and respecting the natural habitat, visitors can ensure these parks remain pristine for future generations. After all, these natural wonders are not just recreational spots; they are vital ecosystems that need protection.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular patron, September 9 promises a day of adventure, exploration, and connection with nature.

Featured image from Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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April 2, 2024 4:37 pm

Hey nature lovers! Pack your picnic, grab binoculars, and soak up the beauty of Minnesota’s parks on Sept 9. It’s a gift from nature – enjoy every moment surrounded by stunning views!


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