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Heat’s Impact on Camping Season: Challenges and Solutions

The summer season, characterized by its warm and sunny days, is a favorite time for many to embark on camping adventures. 

However, with the recent surge in temperatures, campers are facing new challenges. According to a KAALTV report, despite the unusually hot and dry summer, campgrounds have reported no significant change in the number of campers. Yet, the extreme temperatures expected in the coming days, combined with a recent burn ban, are pushing campground officials to think innovatively.

“They’ve been using a charcoal grill, they’ve been keeping it contained in their little charcoal grills or I’ve seen some of them with the little solo fires,” general manager of Rochester/Marion KOARochester/Marion KOA Katie Pevehouse said.

The report also unveiled that while the intense heat has affected the campground’s firewood sales, the weather isn’t affecting people looking to spend some time in the great outdoors, even without a campfire.

Drinking plenty of water is crucial, especially when consuming alcohol. Dogs, our beloved camping companions, are also affected by the heat. Planning hiking routes and camping spots near water sources and using evaporative cooling vests can help them stay cool.

Sleeping in hot conditions can be challenging. A mesh cot can help by lifting the body off the ground, allowing air to circulate. A summer-weight sleeping bag or blanket made of polyester fleece is ideal for hot nights. Tents should be set up in areas that provide shade and a breeze but also offer protection from summer thunderstorms. DEET-based bug sprays are effective against bugs, and brands have started offering bug-repellant properties by impregnating clothes with permethrin.

While the heat poses challenges to the camping season, with proper planning and precautions, campers can still enjoy their outdoor adventures. Staying informed, hydrated, and prepared can ensure a safe and enjoyable camping experience, even in the hottest of temperatures.


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