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Planning Commission Denies RV Park Conditional Rezoning Application in Canadian Lakes

The Morton Township Planning Commission in Michigan opposed a conditional rezoning application from Bollman Industries, LLC, represented by Freshwater Hospitality Consulting LLC, aimed at developing an RV park in Canadian Lakes.

The decision came during a special meeting on May 29, where planners outlined their concerns and reasons for recommending denial of the rezoning request. Additionally, the Morton Township Board of Trustees will decide on the conditional rezoning request for the RV park development at its meeting on June 11.

Jeff Ratledge, a planner, emphasized that he had listened to community concerns, reviewed approximately 300 emails, and thoroughly examined the ordinances and master plan, as well as all information provided by Freshwater Hospitality Consulting LLC.

According to an article published by Pioneer on June 4, Ratledge cited the overwhelming opposition from various community boards and residents, combined with aligning these concerns with township ordinances and the master plan, as the basis for his recommendation against approval.

Additional concern is the noncompliance with ordinances. Planner Travis Kiser pointed out that the submitted site plan lacked details, raising doubts about the proposed development. Kiser also expressed concerns about the completeness of the site plan and compliance with local ordinances.

Another planner, Larry Lenon, shared similar concerns, noting his review of the provided materials from Freshwater Hospitality Consulting LLC, the community, and township ordinances. Lenon acknowledged the potential economic benefits but highlighted significant reservations about traffic and safety issues.

Lenon appreciated the community’s input and the detailed information provided to the planners. However, he pointed out that the economic benefits seemed to be the only positive aspect.

“It might bring in people for the businesses, but that really is the only plus I can see. I am particularly concerned about the traffic on 105th and Buchanan at that intersection, and I just see too many things against it, so I will not recommend it,” Lenon said.

Karen McKenzie, a planner, shared the sentiment about the project’s alignment with existing regulations and future planning goals. McKenzie noted issues with density requirements and non-permitted uses within the campground district.

McKenzie explained that the project was inconsistent with current and future master plans. She highlighted the lack of submissions for essential infrastructure, including water and sewer provisions, and raised questions about traffic lanes.

Chairperson Jeff Cross concluded the planners’ remarks by aligning with his colleagues’ concerns. Cross reiterated issues with density and consistency with the master plan and acknowledged the applicant’s responsiveness to questions.

Cross expressed his concerns primarily about the density and proposed land use not aligning with township ordinances and the master plan. While he commended the applicant for being responsive, he agreed with the commission’s consensus to recommend denying the application.

The case underscores the importance of aligning closely with local ordinances and community plans for successful project approval. Ensuring that proposed developments meet all regulatory requirements, including detailed site plans and compliance with density and use regulations, is essential. Addressing community concerns and demonstrating how the project aligns with current and future master plans can help mitigate opposition. 

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