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MC Fireside Chats: Industry Experts Set to Explore Trends in Outdoor Hospitality

Ushering in a fresh month, MC Fireside Chats is set to unveil an exhilarating episode teeming with up-to-the-minute discoveries from the Outdoor Hospitality Industry on Wednesday, July 5, at 2 PM EST. 

Host Brian Searl will be joined by recurring guests Campspot Vice President for Business Development Casey Cochran, Campground Views Founder and CEO Mark Koep, RV industry advisor Sandy Ellingson, CRR Lifestyle Chief Operating Officer, Mike Harrison, and Christine Taylor of  Towne Law Firm

Get ready for an eye-opening chat focused on the ever-changing world of outdoor hospitality and recreation. Our panel, featuring experts from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, will share their distinctive perspectives and deep-rooted experience.

Together, we’ll tackle the pressing issues that this dynamic sector faces, covering new trends along with the latest news and insights crucial for campground owners and managers to understand. From the impact of sustainability and technology to improving guest experiences and driving industry innovation, we’re covering all bases.

Next week’s episode of MC Fireside Chats is sponsored by Fireside Accounting, an end-to-end accounting services provider that provides bookkeeping to campgrounds, RV parks, and RV resorts.

 June 28 Episode Recap

In the previous episode of MC Fireside Chats presented by AccessParks, the conversation started with personal experiences of RVing and quickly turned to the current state of the RV industry, discussing a softened market, dealership inventory backlogs, and enduring interest from consumers. 

Sam Shapiro from Grounded adds his perspective as a startup founder insulated from these challenges due to the innovative nature of electric camper vans. The story of Grounded’s formation and the impact of COVID-19 on driving innovation in the RV industry, particularly electric camper vans, are also discussed. 

The importance of available chassis options, charging infrastructure, and the leadership role of major companies is highlighted, with Shapiro expressing optimism about the future of electric RVs.

A shift in the conversation introduces Jason and Allison Takacs, who discuss their passion for astrophotography and the importance of dark sky locations, thereby highlighting the growing interest in astrotourism. The conversation includes potential measures to combat light pollution and the role of campgrounds and manufacturers in promoting dark sky experiences.

Shane Devenish, Susan Carpenter, Eleonore Hamm, and Phil Ingrassia later discuss legislative efforts for the RV industry, emphasizing the necessity of advocacy and public-private partnerships for successful lobbying. They share their experiences in Washington D.C. and Ottawa, advocating for improved infrastructure, tackling taxation and tariff issues, and avoiding a proposed luxury tax on RVs.

The episode concludes with a lighter discussion on the advantages of RV travel, plans for upcoming holidays, and information about Ground’s electric camper vans and Jason and Allison Takacs’ road trip adventures.

About MC Fireside Chats

MC Fireside Chats is a weekly show devoted to the outdoor hospitality industry. The show is hosted by Brian Searl, the founder and CEO of Insider Perks and Modern Campground.

Airing live every Wednesday at 2 p.m. (ET), MC Fireside Chats features guests from the camping and RV industry who share their take on the current state of the camping, glamping, and RVing sectors as well as upcoming innovations in RV parks, campgrounds, outdoor resorts, glamping, and the RV industry.

To listen to previous episodes of MC Fireside Chats, visit: https://moderncampground.com/mc-fireside-chats/.

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March 16, 2024 2:25 am

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