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Horseneck Beach Campground Unveils $5M Upgrades

Campers and beach lovers looking for the perfect spot to cool down are likely to notice some changes when visiting the Horseneck Beach State Reservation (Massachusetts)

As per a report, acting Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Stephanie Cooper recently led a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a visit to Horseneck Beach Campground to showcase the improvements made as part of a $4 million investment.

​The improvements include upgrades to all 100 campsites, new electric hookups at 68 of the campsites, and adaptations to ten of the campsites so that they are now fully accessible so people of any ability can use them and enjoy them.

Enhancements to the use-day area at Horseneck Beach have also been completed in a separate $1 million investment.

The upgrades to the playground are designed to provide a better camper experience, and the enhancements to the beach are focused on the day-use areas and investment in ecological restoration in response to climate change.

It is about providing a better camper experience, making some safety enhancements, and also making some environmental protection and accessibility improvements,” Cooper said.

The project is completed in time for the first full summer camping season since the onset of the pandemic.

There are new designated beach pathways making it easier to get to and from the beach while protecting the dunes surrounding them.

The road leading to the campground has been transformed into a one-way road to the campsites, allowing vehicles to reverse into each site, and there have been improvements made to the entrance to the playground.

The amount of pavement was cut by 30% during the construction process to create more permeable areas for managing stormwater. In addition, there were improvements to the dune protection, the playground was renovated to include a new exercise area for adults, and the tennis court was resurfaced.

As a climate-smart practice, generators will be banned from the campground beginning this year.

Beyond the revamp of the site, the main focus is ecological restoration to protect the dunes from emissions from the generators. Additional landscaping could be added to provide more shade.

The enhancements to the day-use area include a new plaza with a sun shelter, a new pavilion, improved drop-off areas for better circulation and pedestrian access, and a wood guardrail with screening on the bottom of it so that the endangered plovers don’t wander out into the roadway to protect them.

Cooper believes that the multidisciplinary team from DCR achieved its mission of making the facility more climate-resilient.

For more information, visit https://www.mass.gov/locations/horseneck-beach-state-reservation.

This story originally appeared on South Coast Today.

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Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell
February 25, 2024 6:14 am

These upgrades at Horseneck Beach Campground seem great, but I worry about crowding. Preserving its charm is crucial.


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