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Clear Sky Acadia: Lamoine’s Proposed Glamping Resort Awaits Public Hearing Decision

A public hearing regarding a proposed glamping resort, Clear Sky Acadia, with 90 domed guest units in Lamoine, is set to take place before the town’s Planning Board on Monday, June 5. 

As per a report, applicant CPEX LLC has presented its plans to the board multiple times in the past six months.

The growing popularity of glamping can be attributed to modern travelers seeking unique experiences that balance comfort with a connection to nature. Glamping resorts, such as the proposed Clear Sky Acadia, appeal to those who desire sustainable tourism practices and memorable outdoor adventures.

The potential economic benefits of the proposed glampground are significant for Lamoine and the surrounding area. Increased tourism, job creation, and support for local businesses could all result from the development of Clear Sky Acadia.

Glamping resorts typically offer a range of activities and amenities to cater to guests’ interests. Guided nature tours, outdoor recreational activities, and dining options with locally sourced ingredients are just a few examples of what a stay at Clear Sky Acadia might entail.

In previous meetings with the Planning Board, CPEX LLC submitted an application complete with several conditions, which was found satisfactory on May 1. The upcoming public hearing will provide an opportunity for community members to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the proposed glampground.

One of the attractions of Clear Sky Acadia is the use of domed guest units. These structures offer a unique and comfortable alternative to traditional camping, blending the experience of being close to nature with modern amenities.

Located in Lamoine, Maine, Clear Sky Acadia aims to capitalize on the region’s natural beauty and provide guests with a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. The resort’s close proximity to the picturesque coastline and lush forests make it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

As the public hearing approaches, the community is encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion. The outcome of the hearing will help shape the future of the Clear Sky Acadia project and, potentially, the local economy.

The proposed Clear Sky Acadia glamping resort represents a unique and exciting development within the growing glamping trend. 

The plans for the development call for 90 geodesic domed units, featuring a restaurant/check-in facility, activity domes, a spa, a pool, and a wedding dome. 

There would also be laundry facilities, employee housing, and a maintenance facility, all of which would also be in domed structures. The project is proposed for a property totaling about 230 acres on the southeastern shore of Partridge Cove. 

The 90 guest units would come in three different sizes, 38 with a 7-meter diameter (425 square feet of floor space each), 50 with an 8-meter diameter (585 square feet each), and two 10-meter diameter guest domes (845 square feet each). The domes are large, rounded structures, consisting of a single arcing outer shell.

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April 7, 2024 2:35 am

Isn’t it cool that Clear Sky Acadia is all about nature and sustainability? I love how they’re planning to engage with the community for a positive impact. Exciting stuff!

May 10, 2024 6:11 am

Outdoor enthusiasts! Imagine a dreamy glamping spot with eco-friendly vibes, cute domed guest units, and tons of outdoor fun. Don’t just watch from the sidelines – join in shaping Clear Sky Acadia’s future at the upcoming public hearing. Your thoughts might just turn this into the ultimate nature retreat in Lamoine!


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