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Kincaid Campground Embarks on Major Transformation Post-Hurricane Laura

In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, Kincaid Campground, has embarked on a significant transformation. 

The extensive renovations, set to be completed by early 2024, are not just a response to the hurricane’s devastation but also a strategic move to modernize and enhance the overall camping experience, a report highlighted.

The campground, nestled beside the picturesque Kincaid Lake, has long been a favored destination for outdoor enthusiasts. However, the damage inflicted by Hurricane Laura necessitated a comprehensive overhaul. This renovation is seen as an opportunity to address longstanding infrastructure issues and bring the facilities up to date.

Stacy Blomquist, a Public Affairs specialist with the U.S. Forest Service detailed the extent of the damage.

“After Hurricane Laura destroyed almost everything, the big trees fell over, ripped up all the power lines, the waterlines and our septic lines so, the renovations included putting in all new water lines, all new electric lines and also we have some new sewers systems out there because everything was built in the 60s. They did a little renovations in the 80s but even then that’s 40 years ago, so these things needed to be upgraded anyway. Hurricane Laura just made us have to do it,” Blomquist said. 

The campground’s website confirms the ongoing reconstruction, highlighting the introduction of enlarged campsites, new asphalt roads, water lines, sewer lines, electric lines, curbing, steps, lantern holders, and fire rings. The addition of new barbecue grills and picnic tables is also part of the plan, aiming to enhance the visitor experience.

Kincaid Lake Recreation Complex, where the campground is located, offers a range of outdoor activities. These include camping, swimming, picnicking, boating, water skiing, fishing, hiking, and bicycling. The renovations are expected to not only restore but also improve these recreational opportunities.

The campground’s transformation is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the outdoor hospitality sector. In the face of natural disasters, such renovations are crucial for maintaining and enhancing the quality of outdoor recreational spaces.

The broader impact of these renovations extends beyond Kincaid Campground. It sets a precedent for other campgrounds and outdoor recreational facilities to follow, especially in areas prone to natural disasters. The focus on upgrading infrastructure and enhancing visitor experiences is a trend that is likely to gain momentum in the industry.

For the outdoor recreation industry, the renovation of Kincaid Campground serves as a valuable case study. It highlights the importance of regular updates to facilities and infrastructure, not just for recovery post-disaster but also for keeping pace with the evolving expectations of campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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February 19, 2024 7:39 am

The Kincaid Campground’s metamorphosis is truly motivating, showcasing resilience and innovation in the face of adversity. By embracing sustainable practices, the campground is leading the way in eco-conscious outdoor recreation experiences. The thoughtful enhancements not only restore but elevate the visitor experience, offering a myriad of outdoor activities. This serves as a powerful example for other recreational facilities, emphasizing the importance of upgrading infrastructure and enhancing visitor opportunities after natural disasters.

May 23, 2024 12:21 am

Isn’t it cool that Kincaid Campground is not just fixing up after the hurricane, but also adding fun new stuff for everyone? I love that they’re going eco-friendly too, preserving nature for us and future peeps to cherish. What do you think about these changes?


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