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News for August 14, 2022

Long-Time RV Owners and Businesses Struggle from Increased Gas Prices


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Motorized RV sales have dropped significantly after a successful and record-breaking two years during the pandemic. RV businesses like Owner Guy Dankle’s have had a rough couple of months, according to a report.

“It’s probably a 50% drop,” Dankles said.  

A preowned RV typically costs around $40,000, and Dankles believes people are discouraged to buy them since it costs too much to fuel it up.

“With things going the way they’re going, people are just considering other things to possibly do because of the affordability factor,” he said.  

According to AAA, the average cost of regular gas in Texas is over $4 per gallon. Last year, the number was much less, sitting at just $2.80 per gallon. Depending on the size RV and the gas it requires, it can cost around $450 to fill up.  

Dankles said the loss in revenue might result in layoffs.  

“I got sales guys that aren’t going to be able to make as many as many sales as they were, I’ve got service guys that aren’t going to have as many units to work on, I’ve got cleaning staff that I’ll probably have to lay off or let go because I won’t need those additional employees that I needed last year,” he said.  

The increased gas prices have also hurt long-time RV owners like Abe Weldon, who has owned an RV for nearly 40 years.

He said he usually goes on about three trips a year, but he can only afford to go on one this year. 

“It’s so expensive you can’t afford it,” Weldon said. “I had plans to travel to the northern part of the US this year but can’t do it with the fuel prices.” 

It’s unclear when or if gas prices will go back down, but both men say they hope it goes down soon. 

“At the level that we’re going, I think honestly it can be a rough fall,” Dankles said.  

This article originally appeared on CBS News.


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