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KRUG Expedition Reveals World-Class Adventure Vehicles for Outdoor Adventurers

KRUG Expedition has recently announced its 2024 Project Rhino XL expedition trucks. This new addition to the KRUG lineup is designed to cater to the needs of up to four travelers, offering a blend of rugged capability and comfort for long-term travel.

Image by KRUG Expedition via krugxp.com

Project Rhino XL, an extension of the original Rhino series, is part of KRUG’s Series Modules offerings, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing versatile and durable vehicles for global exploration.

Image by KRUG Expedition via krugxp.com

The 2024 Project Rhino XL showcases KRUG Expedition’s engineering prowess, combining robust manufacturing techniques. Manufactured in Austria, the Project Rhino XL is built on the Mercedes Atego chassis, offering a reliable foundation for this off-road capable vehicle. KRUG Expedition has made this model available in three different interior configurations, catering to both family and professional needs, making it a versatile option for a wide range of adventurers.

Image by KRUG Expedition via krugxp.com

“Our goal at KRUG Expedition is to help travelers embark on the journey of their dreams and boldly explore the world at their own speed in our tough, dependable, and comfortable expedition vehicles,” Slawa Knorr, CEO of KRUG Expedition, said.

KRUG Expedition’s focus on functionality and customer feedback has led to the development of the Project Rhino XL, which incorporates all necessary amenities for extended off-grid travel. The vehicle is available in three configurations: XL 175, XL 200, and XL Business, each designed to offer comfort and convenience while tackling challenging terrains.

Image by KRUG Expedition via krugxp.com

“Our new 2024 Project Rhino XL series presents fantastic options made to accommodate every type of traveler. Whether someone is looking for the ultimate family adventure vehicle, or the client is a professional nomad, the new KRUG Expedition Project Rhino XL provides the means to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind adventure and an ideal escape from the everyday humdrum that life too often can present,” Knorr said.

The manufacturing excellence of the Project Rhino XL sets it apart in the expedition vehicle category. KRUG Expedition’s in-house design and manufacturing process ensures high-quality production, with each crafted from reinforced sandwich panels for superior insulation. A permanent all-wheel drive system, differential locks, and optional upgrades such as a semi-automatic tire inflation system and a roof rack with LED lighting enhance the vehicle’s off-road capabilities.

Interior amenities in the Project Rhino XL include world-class comforts such as a permanent double bed, bunk beds, a fully equipped kitchen, and a spacious bathroom with a shower. The vehicle’s design prioritizes convenience and ease of maintenance, featuring water-resistant vinyl flooring and a large freshwater tank to support extended travel.

KRUG Expedition has set the starting price at $485,000 for the Project Rhino XL and $390,000 for the original Project Rhino series in the expedition-grade vehicle market.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale supports the Nkombe Rhino, a wildlife conservation initiative in South Africa, highlighting KRUG Expedition’s commitment to environmental conservation.

For more information on the Project Rhino XL and the original Project Rhino series, click here.

Featured image by KRUG Expedition via krugxp.com

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April 11, 2024 3:30 am

Imagine the thrill of hitting the road in a 2024 Project Rhino XL truck from KRUG Expedition! It’s all about embracing adventure, uncovering new horizons, and enjoying top-notch comfort on your epic journeys.


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