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Cold River Mining Unveils Pirate Ship and Castle Gem Mining Sluices for Campgrounds

In a significant development for the campground and outdoor hospitality industry, Cold River Mining, a stalwart in the gemstone mining sector, has announced the launch of its new Pirate Ship and Castle Gem Mining Sluices. This move marks a notable shift in the design and functionality of gemstone mining equipment, catering to a growing interest in unique outdoor recreational activities.

Photo courtesy of Cold River Mining

For three decades, Cold River Mining has been at the forefront of supplying gemstone mining sluices and bags to a diverse range of establishments, including campgrounds, caves, zoos, and aquariums. Based in Campbellsburg, Kentucky, the family-owned and operated company is renowned for its prompt shipping, often dispatching orders on the same or next day.

The introduction of these new sluices represents a departure from traditional wooden designs, which are reminiscent of the gold mining days in California. These wooden sluices, while nostalgic, require annual maintenance to remain safe and visually appealing. In contrast, Cold River Mining’s latest offerings are constructed with fully composite skins, eliminating the need for sanding or staining and ensuring greater durability and lower maintenance.

The Pirate Ship Sluice is a testament to Cold River Mining’s commitment to innovation and thematic design. Complete with a cannon, anchor, two masts, and the Jolly Roger flag hoisted 14 feet in the air, this sluice is not just a mining tool but a visual attraction. Priced at $28,000, the package includes a starter set of mining products, making it an all-inclusive solution for campground owners looking to enhance their guests’ experience.

Similarly, the Castle Sluice, standing 10 feet tall with a stone block design, torches, and historic-styled tower doors, offers an immersive experience for visitors. This model is priced at $30,000 and also includes a starter product set. Both sluices are designed with a double-sided mining area, allowing ten guests to sluice simultaneously, a feature that maximizes guest engagement and throughput.

The standard design accommodates ten guests, but it can be easily expanded to handle 20 guests. With additional towers, the capacity can be increased to 40 guests, offering campground owners flexibility based on their specific needs and guest volume.

For campground and RV park owners, the introduction of these innovative sluices by Cold River Mining presents a unique opportunity. Not only do they serve as an additional attraction for guests, but they also offer an educational component, introducing visitors to the world of gemstone mining in an engaging and interactive manner.

The investment in such equipment can be a significant draw for families and educational groups, adding a unique dimension to the outdoor experience. It aligns well with the growing trend of glamping and luxury camping, where guests seek unique and memorable experiences in addition to the traditional camping environment.

Moreover, these sluices can serve as a focal point for community events and educational programs, further enhancing the campground’s appeal and potentially increasing repeat visitation. They offer a hands-on activity that is both fun and informative, appealing to a wide age range and adding value to the overall guest experience.

Cold River Mining’s new Pirate Ship and Castle Gem Mining Sluices are set to revolutionize the gemstone mining experience in campgrounds and outdoor hospitality venues. By combining innovative design with practical functionality, these sluices offer campground owners a unique opportunity to enhance their guests’ experience, contribute to educational programming, and stand out in the competitive outdoor hospitality market.

Featured image from Cold River Mining.

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March 18, 2024 4:35 pm

Did you know that the Pirate Ship and Castle Gem Mining Sluices from Cold River Mining have cool built-in water systems for a top-notch gem mining adventure? Plus, you can jazz up these sluices with optional LED lights to create a fantastic vibe and draw more visitors to your campground. It’s like bringing a touch of magic to your guests’ experience!


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