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Wichita Bike Shop Owner Pioneers New Trails at El Dorado State Park

In the heart of Kansas, El Dorado State Park stands as a testament to nature’s beauty and the spirit of outdoor enthusiasts. Recently, the park has seen a surge in mountain biking activities, thanks to Tyler Branine, the owner of Bicycle Pedaler

Branine, recognizing the potential of the park’s diverse landscape, embarked on a mission to develop intermediate mountain biking trails.

Branine’s vision was not just about creating trails but about crafting an experience. Despite Kansas‘ flat terrain, he and a team of volunteers managed to open a 5.5-mile trail in April, offering a unique challenge for bikers. The trail’s success has spurred plans for another 7 miles, with work set to commence in November.

El Dorado State Park, spanning 4,000 acres, is the largest state park in Kansas. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a plethora of activities from fishing to hiking. 

The park’s biking trails, including the Walnut River Trail and the Double Black Diamond Trail, have become particularly popular, drawing both locals and tourists, as per Yahoo! News.

Branine’s efforts are not just about biking. It’s about community, health, and economic growth. Biking trails have been shown to boost local economies, promote physical health, and foster a sense of community. And with the park’s proximity to Wichita, it’s poised to become a major attraction.

The process of trail creation is meticulous. From planning and design to physical labor, it requires dedication and passion. Branine’s motivation stems from a personal desire to hone his technical biking skills and provide the same opportunity to others.

Jacob Riley, the park manager, has lauded the efforts of the biking community. Their respect and stewardship of the park have been commendable, ensuring that the trails are maintained and the natural beauty of the park is preserved.

For those unfamiliar with El Dorado State Park, it’s not just about trails. The park boasts fishing opportunities, with species like crappie and largemouth bass being popular catches. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot a range of animals, from small mammals to white-tailed deer.

As Branine and his team gear up for the next phase of trail development, the future looks promising. The ultimate goal is a 20-mile trail catering to bikers of all levels. And with the support of the community and the park’s management, this dream is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Featured image from Ksoutdoors.

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February 16, 2024 1:18 am

Isn’t it remarkable how Tyler Branine’s dedication has improved the outdoor experience at El Dorado State Park and boosted the biking community? The new trails not only promote physical well-being and economic growth but also deepen our appreciation for the park’s natural beauty. It’s genuinely inspiring to see the positive impact of these efforts. Do you think this initiative will attract more outdoor enthusiasts to the area?

February 20, 2024 5:08 am
Reply to  WadeSky

You’re so right! It’s wonderful to witness how Tyler Branine’s dedication has elevated the outdoor experience at El Dorado State Park and united the biking community. The natural beauty of the park truly shines through these efforts.


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