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News for December 8, 2022

Jupe Takes ‘Call of Nature’ to Another Level with Luxury Portable Toilet That’s Starlink-Compatible


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No, we’re serious. Glamping innovator Jupe recently unveiled the Portal, a luxury portable toilet of the future.

For most campers, a restroom is a luxury they cannot leave behind. With the Portal, they can appreciate nature while still having the convenience of a modern toilet.

Designed and built by Jupe, the high-tech portable restroom sports a geometric silhouette that looks out of this world while still being minimalist. 

“It’s a work of art,” a statement on the Portal’s website reads. 

Portal by Jupe
Photo courtesy of Jupe

At first glance, the throne resembles a mirror cabin installed on a glamping site on Mars—or at least that’s what the reflective materials give the illusion of.

The luxury portable toilet comes in three choices: the Base Portal, Full Portal, and Earth Portal.

The Base Portal features iconic styling and mirrored wrap that sets the structure apart from any other porta-potty there is. 

Inside, someone in need of relief need not feel trapped as the chamber is thrice the interior volume of a normal portable toilet. The extra space makes it easier for users to move around. After all, when one needs to take care of business, the last thing they would want to worry about is cramped space.

There is also a venting system that helps air circulate better and keeps things sanitary by not letting any odor linger.

Another notable feature of the Base Portal is a self-closing door which makes it convenient for users to avoid contact with the door and touching surfaces they don’t want to touch.

A full-length mirror can be found inside, taking mirror selfies another notch.

Portal by Jupe 6
Photo courtesy of Jupe

While framed photos and paintings can be found in some modern bathrooms, the Portal uses the sky as its canvas through the Sky Portal. No need for intricate details—the feature itself is a simple cutout in the ceiling that also serves as an optical illusion. When sitting, the hole looks like a circle from a person’s point of view when it is in fact an ellipse.

Portal by Jupe 5
Photo courtesy of Jupe

The second kind of Portal is the Full Portal which holds the same features as the Base Portal with the addition of Starlink compatibility, 200-W solar panels plus a 200-Ah battery, a fan that is always on, and more.

It also has high-end, instant-on LED track lighting that puts most portapotties to shame. The lighting is recessed and wraps around the ceiling for better illumination.

Gone are the days of struggling to find toilet paper in the dark!

Portal by Jupe 3
Photo courtesy of Jupe

In contrast to traditional porta-toilets, the enclosure uses two-way glass instead of plastic.

Coming in late 2023 is the Earth Portal which will feature fertilizer compost conversion. To bring this to fruition, Jupe is integrating circular-waste transformation tech from a composting partner.

Portal by Jupe 4
Photo courtesy of Jupe

To those wondering if the Portal is real, the company said on its webpage that it has been field-testing the innovations in Austin and the San Francisco Bay area for half a year.

Complementary to Jupe’s glamping obra maestras, each Portal operates “off-grid,” making it suitable for glamping.

To learn more about the Portal, visit https://portal.jupe.com/.

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