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RV Industry Product Manufacturer Dometic Relocates Awning Manufacturing Back to Elkhart, Indiana

Dometic has announced the return of its awning manufacturing operations to Elkhart, Indiana, signaling a significant step in the company’s ongoing commitment to the RV industry and the Elkhart community.

Dometic, a global leader in outdoor and mobile products for the recreational vehicle market, has reintegrated awning production at its Industrial Parkway plant in Elkhart. The facility will initially focus on the 9100 series of power awnings, with plans to expand the product line in the near future.

The move is designed to increase Dometic’s overall awning production capacity to better meet the growing demand from local RV manufacturers. By shifting production closer to its primary market, Dometic aims to streamline operations and enhance service delivery to its clientele.

As per an SGB Media report, Todd Seyfert, president of Dometic’s Segment Land Vehicle Americas, highlighted Elkhart’s pivotal role in the company’s strategy. “Elkhart, IN has always been the heart of our RV appliance business,” Seyfert said. “This move is just one of many ways we’re showing an increased dedication to our customers, our employees, and the Elkhart community.”

While the Elkhart plant ramps up production, Dometic’s facility in Mexico will continue to handle the aftermarket segment. The international site will focus on optimizing logistics through the company’s Texas distribution center, ensuring efficient service across North America.

Dometic has also introduced several operational enhancements to ensure timely delivery of products. These include optimizing the total number of awning SKUs to decrease the margin of error and increase manufacturing efficiencies. Additionally, the company has launched a dedicated fleet of trucks for direct OEM awning deliveries, aiming to cut down wait times significantly.

The establishment of local inventory is another measure taken to support Elkhart County OEM customers. This strategy is intended to provide the fastest delivery times possible, reinforcing Dometic’s commitment to responsive customer service.

Seyfert added, “As we continue to focus on ‘mobile living made easy,’ the return of awning production and these added measures allow Dometic to ensure delivery performance to our trusted OEM, RV dealer, and distributor partners.”

The strategic relocation of awning production to Elkhart not only benefits Dometic by consolidating its manufacturing operations but also supports the local economy by creating jobs and fostering economic growth within the community.

This initiative is part of Dometic’s broader strategy to adapt to changing market dynamics and maintain its leadership in the RV industry. By localizing production and optimizing supply chain operations, Dometic is poised to respond more effectively to the needs of its customers and enhance its competitive edge in the market.

The return of Dometic’s manufacturing operations to Elkhart is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It underscores a significant trend in the RV industry towards enhancing localized production capabilities to better serve specific markets.

As the RV industry continues to evolve, Dometic’s renewed focus on local production and supply chain optimization is expected to set a benchmark for operational excellence and customer-centric strategies in the sector.

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May 2, 2024 1:47 pm

Did you hear about Dometic moving their awning production to Elkhart, Indiana? It’s great to see them prioritize efficiency and customer service, boosting the RV industry while supporting the community and creating jobs.

May 13, 2024 8:07 am

Isn’t it cool how Dometic has brought back their awning manufacturing to Elkhart, Indiana? Shows they’re all about teaming up with the RV industry, boosting the community, and stepping up their game. It’s awesome to see companies making moves that benefit everyone!

Kyla Moon
Kyla Moon
May 21, 2024 2:06 am

Can you believe it? Dometic’s new awnings might have a secret snack stash! Picture this: tunes blasting from built-in speakers while you chill in the shade, turning your awning into a portable party hub!


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