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RV Industry Association Amplifies Reach with Satellite Media Tour at 2023 Elkhart Open House

The Elkhart 2023 Open House, a landmark event for the RV industry, recently witnessed the RV Industry Association‘s (RVIA) innovative approach to product promotion. From September 25-27, the association conducted a satellite media tour, broadcasting a mix of live and pre-recorded segments. 

These segments were meticulously curated to highlight the RV industry’s latest offerings, specifically tailored for the dealers in Elkhart.

Complementing this media blitz, product video takeovers dominated Go RVing’s social media channels throughout the week. This strategic move was aimed at potential RV buyers, providing them with a virtual tour of the latest products and innovations. 

The association’s collaboration with auto expert Mike Caudill added another layer of authenticity to the tour. Together, they showcased nine unique RV products, segmented into two distinct TV news broadcasts.

These broadcasts weren’t limited to Elkhart. They spanned across various cities, from Boston to Raleigh, ensuring that the RV industry’s latest and best reached a wide audience. The numbers speak for themselves. 

The media tour successfully captured the attention of over 211,000 viewers, a testament to the association’s effective promotional strategies, as per the News & Insights report of the RVIA.

The Elkhart Open House isn’t just another event in the RV industry’s calendar. It represents the industry’s commitment to innovation, quality, and consumer engagement. 

The RV Industry Association, understanding the event’s significance, leveraged it to its full potential, ensuring that dealers and consumers alike were introduced to the latest products in the most engaging manner possible.

Satellite media tours, like the one conducted by the association, are more than just promotional tools. They bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers, providing the latter with in-depth insights into products, even if they’re miles away from the actual event. 

Mike Caudill’s involvement added a layer of expertise to the tour. His segments were not just product showcases but informative sessions, helping viewers understand the products’ features and benefits.

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March 20, 2024 1:05 pm

Ever wondered how the RV Industry Association nailed it with those satellite media tours and social media takeovers at the Elkhart Open House? Let’s explore how their collaboration with Mike Caudill boosted visibility for those nine unique RV offerings. It’s all about making a splash and reaching new audiences!


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