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How RVing Opened Doors of Opportunities for the Getaway Couple

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Rae and Jason Miller started traveling full-time in their RV in 2017. The couple originally planned on taking a year off of work and spending some time overseas, but then RVing came rolling in—and the RV life was just too good to resist.

“We did tell ourselves that we’d do it [for only] a year, [but] we are now working on our fifth year here,” Rae shared during the February 9 episode of MC Fireside Chats.

One of the many appeals of the RV life is its convenience, wherein people can combine work and leisure. Jason was a cybersecurity engineer who worked remotely from the road.

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Rae and Jason Miller, the Getaway Couple. | Photo from the Getaway Couple on YouTube

The couple rolled as casual RVers for a few years while juggling both work and travel but soon revved up as full-time RVers and content creators after two years.

The young couple, now known as the Getaway Couple, caters to over 66,500 Youtube subscribers. They also run their blog by the same name, where they provide checklists to educate prospective RV owners and first-time campers.

After growing their channel and blog, Rae and Jason soon branched out and created multiple businesses with fellow RVers they met on the road. Because “gears always get turning while you’re sitting around the campfire,” as Jason said, the couple teamed up with other RVers in 2020 and created RV Buyers Bootcamp right before an RV show in Tampa, leading to another venture—an in-person training business.

However, just as all roads are unpaved and the journey can be rocky, the in-person aspect of the business proved to be difficult to sustain due to restrictions during the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Getaway Couple then decided to transition to online classes, giving birth to the RV Masterclass.

The online program offered three courses: RV Buyers Bootcamp, Boondocking 101, and Transitioning to Full-Time. It soon expanded to being a platform for any RVing courses. Later down the line, RV LIFE saw the potential and acquired RV Masterclass.

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The Getaway Couple explored Utah in 2020. | Photo from the Getaway Couple on YouTube

When asked about the things fellow full-time RVers often say that are missing from properties, the couple mentioned high-speed internet, paved sites, spacious sites, and privacy in between sites.

The outdoor hospitality industry is experiencing soaring demand for spots at campgrounds and RV parks. As more and more campgrounds fill up, the couple also mentioned how extended seasons could help accommodate more campers

“In October and November, coming down from New England to Florida, we had one heck of a time trying to find campgrounds that were open because their end-of-season dates were just the middle of October or early November. We would have really loved to have seen a couple of campgrounds that extended the season just a little bit longer,” Rae expressed.

Today, the Getaway Couple plans to sell their 42-foot rig to scale down to a more compact Class A or Class B.

As they transition into a smaller rig—and also because booking a spot’s close to impossible—they were prompted to rent a house.

Still, the RV life awaits.

“We’re excited,” Rae said. “It’s funny [because] we’ve only been in the house for a couple of weeks now, but we’re already getting antsy for getting that next RV because it opened so many doors.”

“Like Jason said, being with a 42-foot fifth-wheel, we still feel like we saw the majority of what you can see; except, with a smaller rig, you can travel faster, not have so much stress on moving days, and get to those little-further-out places,” she added.

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