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Grand Design RV Unveils Lineage Class C, Signaling a New Era in Motorized RVs

Grand Design RV, a key player in the American RV industry, has recently introduced its first motorized RV, the Lineage Class C. Known for its travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers, this new model marks a significant shift for the company, signaling its entry into the motorized RV sector.

According to an article by Autoevolution, the Lineage Class C RV is built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis, known for its reliability. This choice suggests a move towards a higher-end market, given the associated costs of Mercedes-Benz components. 

The RV’s exterior includes multiple storage bays and an entertainment center, catering to outdoor living needs. A large roof rack offers extensive storage possibilities, and there’s potential for a walkable roof.

Inside, the RV is designed for family travel, featuring a cab-over bedding area and a modular dinette. Typical Class C RV amenities, such as a wet bath and a full kitchen with residential-sized appliances, are expected. While detailed interior images are not yet available, there is speculation about additional features like washing machines.

Grand Design RV is actively seeking customer feedback on desired features, particularly regarding plumbing and off-grid power solutions. 

This approach allows potential buyers to influence the final design, ensuring the RV meets their specific needs. Early customer requests include 400 W of solar power, sufficient water storage for extended trips, and a reliable battery power system.

The company has generated interest through a sweepstakes promoting the Lineage, offering a trip to Bryant Park, New York, for a glamping event, along with campsite fees at national and state parks for the summer of 2024. This has drawn significant attention and engagement from potential customers.

The introduction of the Lineage Class C RV is a strategic move for Grand Design RV, aiming to broaden its market presence and address the evolving preferences of RV users. By entering the motorized RV market, the company is poised to attract a new customer base and compete in a different segment of the RV industry.

As the company finalizes this new model, the RV industry is closely watching its potential impact and how it might set new standards in motorized RVs. The Lineage Class C RV represents a notable development, reflecting Grand Design RV’s response to changing market demands.

Featured Image by Grand Design RV via facebook.com/GrandDesignRv

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