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RV Self-Park Kingsland Set to Open in Georgia with Advanced Automation Features

RV Self-Park is gearing up to open its innovative RV park in Kingsland, Georgia, marking a significant advancement in the RV park industry. 

Photo courtesy of RV Self-Park

Scheduled to launch in mid-March, this park is set to offer an unparalleled experience in RV parking, combining modern amenities with automated services.

The park’s state-of-the-art automated system is designed to provide RV enthusiasts with a hassle-free experience from arrival to departure. This system represents a leap forward in the industry, streamlining processes and enhancing the overall guest experience.

RV Self-Park Kingsland will feature spacious RV sites. These ensure ample room for RVs of all sizes, addressing a common concern among RV travelers regarding adequate space.

Each site at RV Self-Park Kingsland comes equipped with full hookups, including power, water, and sewer connections. This feature underscores the park’s commitment to providing all essential utilities to its guests, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

Photo courtesy of RV Self-Park

In an effort to embrace sustainability, RV Self-Park Kingsland has incorporated an electric car charge station in its phase 1 development. This addition caters to both traditional and electric vehicle enthusiasts, reflecting the park’s forward-thinking approach.

The park’s ambiance is enhanced by dimmable lights, allowing guests to tailor their surroundings to their preferences. This feature adds a touch of personalization to the RV experience, a detail often overlooked in traditional RV parks.

RV Self-Park Kingsland has streamlined the RV experience by eliminating on-site bathrooms and a main office. Instead, the park has moved to an online system for reservations and payments, making the process more efficient for guests.

Despite the absence of a physical office, RV Self-Park Kingsland ensures the safety and satisfaction of its guests with a 24-hour customer service system. This service is a testament to the park’s commitment to guest convenience and support.

The grand opening of RV Self-Park Kingsland is a highly anticipated event, scheduled for mid-March. RV enthusiasts are encouraged to mark their calendars for what promises to be an extraordinary event in the RV community.

Christopher Pyle, director of operations, in an exclusive email interview with Modern Campground, discussed the broader impact of RV Self-Park Kingsland on the RV park industry. He highlighted the positive feedback received since the park’s inception four years ago, noting the interest in the automated RV park model from current campground owners and those new to the business.

“We envision this automation becoming more popular in the industry, offering convenience and efficiency for RVers. Automated check-ins, ease of site navigation, and other processes will enhance the overall guest experience. Our guests love that they have full control of the whole reservation process including what site they prefer to getting to choose when their check-in and check-out times are,” he added. 

Pyle envisions the automation of RV parks becoming more prevalent in the industry, offering convenience and efficiency for RVers. 

For RV park owners and aspiring operators, Pyle’s insights are invaluable. He underscored the importance of embracing automation to simplify tasks and improve guest experiences. The shift towards online reservations and payments reflects a broader industry trend towards digital solutions, offering convenience and reducing manual workload.

“The implementation of a fully automated system has proven to enhance efficiency and ease overall operations, for us at least. RV park operators can learn the importance of embracing automation to simplify tasks, reduce manual workload, and create a more seamless experience for guests,” the director of operations emphasized. 

Featured image from RV Self-Park.

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May 5, 2024 1:47 pm

Fellow RV fans! How cool is it that RV Self-Park Kingsland in Georgia is stepping up its game? Imagine chilling at the dog park and hiking trails after enjoying those awesome automation features!

Quinn Ocean
Quinn Ocean
May 18, 2024 7:22 pm

Isn’t it wild that RV Self-Park Kingsland in Georgia is adding all this cool tech? 🤯 Partnering with a farm for fresh eats? That’s awesome! 🌿


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