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From Sourcing to Retention: Focused on Management Introduces ‘Focused On Staffing Solutions’

RV parks and campgrounds, both public and private, have consistently faced staffing challenges during the pandemic. For the outdoor hospitality industry, seasonal employment dynamics often make retaining skilled staff a significant hurdle. However, Focused On Staffing Solutions, a groundbreaking initiative by Focused On Management, promises to change this narrative.

This program isn’t merely a staffing solution; it’s a comprehensive strategy designed specifically for the unique needs of RV parks and campgrounds. Recognizing the industry’s specific challenges, the program encompasses a range of services.

We understand the difficulties faced by RV park owners and operators in identifying suitable candidates with outdoor hospitality experience. This program provides a strategic and streamlined approach to attract, hire, and retain top talent, empowering parks and resorts to thrive in today’s competitive market,” said Pamela Wright, CEO of Focused On Management. 

The company will work closely with RV park owners and managers to establish effective job descriptions tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a perfect match between candidate and park culture, a press release states.

The importance of such a program becomes evident when one considers the nature of campgrounds and RV parks. As highlighted by industry experts, these establishments are more than mere accommodations; they’re experiences. The quality of these experiences is intrinsically tied to the staff. Every employee, from reception to maintenance, plays a crucial role in shaping a guest’s experience. A single lapse can mar guest satisfaction.

Focused On Staffing Solutions directly addresses this concern. Furthermore, with comprehensive training and development opportunities, new hires are seamlessly integrated and equipped to thrive. There are also training and development opportunities for existing staff.

However, the challenges of the broader campground industry extend beyond hiring. For some campgrounds, retention remains a significant issue. Turnovers can disrupt operations and compromise service quality. Focused On Staffing Solutions offers ongoing support for employees’ growth, enhancing employee satisfaction, and aiming to mitigate these challenges.

The evolution of the industry indicates that many privately-owned campgrounds are diversifying their offerings. As they venture into the accommodations sector, the demand for specialized staff becomes paramount. Catering to luxury cabins or orchestrating guest activities necessitates a diverse skill set.

As campgrounds and RV parks grapple with the multifaceted challenges of staffing, Focused On Staffing Solutions emerges as a beacon of hope. By addressing hiring and retention’s core issues and equipping establishments with the necessary tools, this program is poised to transform the staffing process in the outdoor hospitality sector.

For more information about Focused On Staffing Solutions or to schedule a call with Pamela Wright, please call 337-735-4070, schedule directly on their calendar, or contact via their website.

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Steven Carter
Steven Carter
May 3, 2024 12:32 pm

Isn’t it cool how ‘Focused On Staffing Solutions’ nails the perfect staff-park match? They’re like the fairy godmothers of RV parks, crafting personalized plans to grow talent. It’s as if they’re sprinkling magic behind the scenes for a happy workplace 🪄.


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