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From Report to Reality: How US Campgrounds Are Prioritizing Cleanliness

In today’s age of heightened awareness surrounding health, sanitation, and environmental conservation, cleanliness in campgrounds is more important than ever. 

The CHM Government Services, in a 2020 Campground Trend Analysis report, highlights the significance of clean campgrounds as the primary need of guests, shedding light on the critical role they play in attracting and retaining campers. 

According to the analysis, it is imperative that the National Park Service (NPS) align with the campground preference suggesting that visitors prioritize clean and hygienic environments.

“The NPS should ensure that campground restrooms are clean and well maintained since this is the most important factor for campers when staying or returning to a campground,” CHMGS stated in the report. 

“This may mean that restroom improvements are needed at campground locations depending upon their current age and condition.”

Although the report primarily addresses national parks in the United States, this may serve as a reminder for campgrounds across the nation to prioritize cleanliness and hygiene as a primary need for guests.

The 2021 North American Camping Report indicates that campgrounds across the U.S. have been quick to adapt and prioritize sanitation measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their visitors. 

Notably, 29% of these campgrounds have been highlighted for their clean and well-maintained bathhouses and restrooms. These protocols often surpass recommended guidelines, ensuring communal areas, restrooms, and rental units are thoroughly disinfected.

Meanwhile, Ali Rasmussen, co-founder of Spacious Skies Campgrounds, sheds light on how they are leveraging technology and team efforts to maintain high standards of cleanliness, an effort responding to the increasing demand for outdoor experiences.

One of the innovative approaches Spacious Skies Campgrounds has adopted is the integration of technology into their operations. “Our team enjoys using technology to communicate between the housekeeping teams in the parks and the front office,” wrote Rasmussen in an email interview with Modern Campground.

Their Property Management System (PMS) includes a housekeeping module that tracks the housekeeping checklists for each unit, indicating what’s ready, what needs attention, and even the team member responsible for the task.

Considering regular training a cornerstone of their cleanliness strategy, Rasmussen shares that their general managers conduct extensive orientation and training sessions before the camping season begins, which are refreshed monthly or quarterly.

“You might find our team members using vacuums in areas outside that have heavy micro sand and dirt,” she added. They even employ robot vacuums for hard-to-reach spots inside. 

For Rasmussen and her team, it’s not just about the tools and techniques; it’s about the spirit of teamwork. “The more we do on a regular basis, the less we have to do in a big effort,” she emphasized. 

Furthermore, Grandstaff RV Park and the Western Village RV Park are two other examples that have taken these findings to heart, dedicating themselves to ensuring their sites remain spotless, and are a testament to how maintaining cleanliness can enhance a visitor’s experience.

Grandstaff RV Park, a “quiet, clean, pet-friendly RV park” conveniently located in Cushing, Oklahoma, is setting a new standard, boasting well-maintained grounds that have won the trust of many campers. 

Its website reveals testimonials from happy campers who have been particularly impressed by the park’s cleanliness. One guest, Jana Kaye, mentions, “Most safe, quiet, clean, affordable RV park in Cushing! Friendly service 24/7.” 

“It’s quiet and a very well-kept park,” wrote Carolyn Mackey, another guest. 

Similarly, the Western Village RV Park is a “very clean and quiet family campground in South Central Pennsylvania.” The park understands the significance of providing guests with a hygienic environment.

Their dedication to cleanliness can be seen in reviews and feedback left by visitors on their website. For instance, Alan Dum, a guest, wrote, “The bathrooms are extremely clean… It’s worth a stay should you find yourselves in the area.”

“I would absolutely recommend this wonderful, spotless campground,” wrote Kris Kilburn, a guest, in a review. “The sites were spacious, the staff was super friendly and helpful. Very easy to find. Nice activities and very clean facilities.” 

As the camping industry continues to grow and evolve, campgrounds that prioritize cleanliness and hygienic environments will thrive in the competitive landscape, adapting to the changing preferences of campers. 

The CHMGS report has illuminated this trend, and campgrounds like the Grandstaff RV Park and Western Village RV Park, including Spacious Skies Campgrounds, are leading the way in setting the standard for clean and inviting camping experiences. 


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