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Florida RV Park and Campground Association Making a Difference in Local, State Politics

The Florida RV & Campground Association (FRVCA) has been very busy in the last six months, focusing on important local and state elections, the association said in a press release on Friday.

“I’m incredibly proud of the association’s advocacy efforts,” said Bobby Cornwell, the association’s president and CEO.

“Our Chair of the Board, Thomas Sparrow, and many of our board members are very active and involved on a local level, and with the help of our lobbying firm, Dean, Mead & Dunbar, we are able to get to know and educate key political leaders and candidates about our industry and best determine who we need to support.”

FRVCA invited Lee County State Representative Candidate Tiffany Esposito and her campaign manager to tour one of the association’s member parks. During the personal tour, the visitors met with the park owner who then shared what it takes to own and operate a campground in the county as well as what improvements can be made from a legislative perspective.

After, FRVCA board members Lynda Phelps and Amir Harpaz together with Angela Bonds from the association’s lobbying and legislative firm met with Esposito and other Lee county officials and dignitaries at Esposito’s event for her campaign.

Esposito later won the primary election and is likely to secure her seat this month.

One of the primary functions of the FRVCA is to inform local and state officials as well as political candidates about the positive, strong economic impact that the industry of camping can bring to Florida. Moreover, the association aims to assist them in understanding what the business and the RV lifestyle are about.

“This is what makes our state association so strong and relevant. We hear over and over from our members that our legislative advocacy is the most important service we provide,” Cornwell said.

Florida’s campground and RV park association also participates in and supports events across the state that are organized by numerous locally-based economic development forums. FRVCA was a major sponsor at The State of the Region, a recent gathering organized by the SW Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Amir Harpaz, a Ft. Myers Park operator, attended the event on behalf of the association and successfully introduced FRVCA’s works and contribution to the region as an industry.

Harpaz also met with Lee County interim councilman Mike Greenwell and introduced FRVCA as well as the association’s state and local efforts. Appointed by Governor DeSantis, Greenwell soon won the election.

“There is nothing more valuable than building relationships with your local political leaders, and once that connection is made they will be happy to help you when needed and listen to any concerns you have. Officials are always amazed and surprised on how big our industry is and how much money it generates for Florida’s economy,” Cornwell said.

Cornwell also highlighted FRVCA’s recently championed legislation that allows campgrounds destroyed by calamities to rebuild according to their original zoning and density.

“This is probably the most important piece of legislation we ever passed, and the damage left by Hurricane Ian is exactly why this law was needed,” stated Cornwell, shedding light on the importance of local and state advocacy as well as FRVCA’s PAC fund.

After the storm, the campground association reminded affected members of the legislation (F.S. Statue 513.1115). The group also offered assistance via its lawyers and lobbyists to provide further information on the legislation, and listening ears at state and local governments should they need it.

“This has been a crazy month, to say the least, and unfortunately very challenging for many park owners,” Cornwell said.

Looking on the bright side, the CEO said many Ft. Myers RV parks have reopened while more are scheduled to reopen soon. Moreover, the RV industry in Florida is “doing very well” as demand for RV sites in the state is still high.

The association is also receiving calls from new owners and operators seeking to learn more about the industry and FRVCA.

“I am fortunate to have an active board, an amazing support staff, and the campground and RV industry’s best legal experts on our team. Our goal, as always, is to ensure our member parks are promoted and protected, and that Florida remains one of the top RV destinations in the country,” Cornwell said as his statement ended.

For more information on ways that you can benefit from the Florida RV and Campground Association (FRVCA), or if you would like to contribute to the Florida Campground PAC fund or Florida Campground Disaster Relief Fund, please contact 850-562-7151 or visit www.campflorida.com and www.frvca.org.

Featured image from Florida RV and Campground Association.

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Finn Harbor
Finn Harbor
February 18, 2024 3:06 am

Did you know the Florida RV Park and Campground Association is making a positive impact in state politics? Their community outreach and environmental programs are praiseworthy.

April 4, 2024 5:46 pm

Picture a group of campers sharing stories around a fire. The Florida RV Park and Campground Association connects us, offering knowledge and support to enhance our camping adventures in Florida.


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