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Consumer Appetite for Camping Remains Strong, KOA Reports Continued Growth in 2022

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) has announced an impressive year-end to its business, with record revenue surpassing 2021 by 1.3% in the fourth quarter.

The company’s registration revenue also grew by 34.3% versus 2019. According to a KOA press release, the tremendous growth is an indicator of a new level of popularity for camping and outdoor hospitality since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To finish our 60th anniversary with record-setting revenues is monumental,” Toby O’Rourke, president and CEO of KOA, said.

O’Rourke credited the success to the strength of the company’s long-standing brand and the continued preference for KOA by campers. She also acknowledged the partnership with franchisees, their confidence in the company’s vision, and the dedication and focus of employees.

Advanced deposits at the end of the fourth quarter were also 3.4% better than in the same period in 2021, which is a key indicator of consumer appetite for camping, confidence in the brand, and customer experience. 

O’Rourke stated that camping, and KOA camping specifically, continues to be a cornerstone of leisure travel for many North Americans.

KOA’s franchise system also saw significant growth, with over a dozen new campground partnerships launched in 2022. Nine independent campgrounds joined the KOA system in 2022, and five construction contracts for new campgrounds were signed.

In 2022’s last quarter, KOA welcomed three new conversion campgrounds and two new construction contracts, adding campgrounds in Minnesota, New Mexico, and Michigan, and planned for Arizona and New Mexico.

The company also expanded its campground and land holdings in 2022, adding eight campground locations and two land acquisitions for future development.

Furthermore, KOA acquired two campgrounds in Texas and Georgia and converted them to KOA, and also sold Naples KOA Holiday in Maine to a franchise partner.

KOA Chief Operations Officer Darin Uselman commented, saying the company has an ongoing interest in increasing its owned locations as part of overall brand growth.

“This allows us to grow our knowledge of campground ownership while expanding the KOA brand in key markets,” Uselman added.

The continued growth and success of KOA is a testament to the enduring appeal of camping and the company’s ability to provide a top-of-the-line experience that is trusted among campers and travelers.

About Kampgrounds of America

Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA), has been the definitive leader in outdoor hospitality for more than 60 years. United under the mission of “connecting people to the outdoors and each other,” the company consists of two unique brands: KOA and Terramor Outdoor Resorts.

KOA, the world’s largest system of privately owned, open to the public campgrounds, consists of more than franchised and owned campgrounds. With unrivaled brand visibility, KOA offers campground owners and operators unparalleled support in campground education, design, recruitment, marketing and technology.

Terramor Outdoor Resorts, a glamping venture, opened its first flagship property in Bar Harbor, Maine in 2020. Translated to “Love of Land,” the brand focuses on delivering a refined and upscale outdoor experience.

For more information, visit KOA.com.

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March 14, 2024 3:47 am

You know, there’s something truly special about KOA’s growth story. Their dedication to improving camper experiences and sustainability practices has really made them a top choice for us camping enthusiasts. Plus, their cool tech tools and loyalty programs have brought more of us into the camping community. It’s awesome to see how they’re not just growing but also keeping us campers happy and engaged!

March 21, 2024 11:34 pm

Isn’t it interesting how Kampgrounds of America (KOA) saw such growth in 2022? It’s cool to see more people getting into outdoor adventures. With KOA expanding and stepping up their game, they’re really making a mark in the camping world. It’s exciting to see where they’ll go next!

April 15, 2024 9:02 am

Hey fellow camping fans! Exciting news – KOA’s growth in 2022 goes beyond numbers. They’ve added cool stuff like outdoor movies and nature walks. Let’s pack up and have an epic time outdoors at KOA!

Jeffrey Rivera
Jeffrey Rivera
May 24, 2024 11:06 pm

The way KOA has been stepping up their game in the camping scene is truly impressive. Their efforts to make camping more enjoyable and accessible are really paying off. It’s awesome to see them growing and evolving to meet the needs of us outdoor enthusiasts.


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